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S t goran slanger mindre


Ta oss med fra begynnelsen fra ide til virkelighet! A list of excellent films does not necessarily constitute a festival program, and a festival program is not necessarily a neat package. That said, this year s tiffprogram contains a whole range of films that are conducive to reflection around events in Norway as well as in the rest of the world that have affected us in the past year.

Films that will engage us emotionally and intellectually, films that take the pulse of our times, films that won t let go of us. There is no question that this year s opening film the snows of kilimanjaro the rather misleading title aside would be a pitch-perfect kick start for any film festival anywhere, anytime. It has rightly been called a film with a big heart a film with more than enough warmth to go around. Just what the world, and this year s festival, needs. Videre har vi arrangert stumfilmkonserter i flere russiske byer til fulle hus.

Mer enn frivillige bidrar med arbeidstimer hver for at filmfestivalen skal bli realitet. In the cultural agreement between Russia and Norway, tiff has been appointed by the Ministry of Culture to work with film-related S t goran slanger mindre. We have also organized silent film concerts in several Russian cities, drawing a full house every time.

Supported by Barentskult, several titles from tiff s Films from the North program will be screened in Russia this spring. It is both ground-breaking and daring, and we aim to share our experiences with festivals all over the country. Ved markeringen i S t goran slanger mindre 1. Derfor er dere en inspirasjon for oss i letingen etter kvalitetsbegrepet. Norwegian feature film has just celebrated its year anniversary.

This occasion provides me with the opportunity to make the following statement: The time for inferiority complexes is over! Norwegian film is doing well and has a large audience. Now is the time to set a new goal for ourselves: Norwegian film should also be known for its high quality.

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The festival is known for bringing high-quality films to a large and enthusiastic audience. S t goran slanger mindre importance of our partnership is reflected in tiff s focus on the High North, as well as in the program of this year s opening conference. The festival program includes a large number of films from Russia. The tiff staff works extensively with Russian film festivals and many Russian guests are invited to "S t goran slanger mindre" festival.

Included in this year s conference is a session with the goal of providing input for the Ministry s Action Plan for Arts and Business. I look forward to participating in this session. But more than anything else, this festival is about enjoying good films.

I wish you all a pleasant festival! Troms fylkeskommune skal skape forutsetninger for en sterkere og konkurransekraftig filmsatsing tilpasset samfunnsutviklingen. This position is confirmed by tiff s role as national partner in the cultural agreement between Norway and Russia, granted by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. Sinceit has organized silent film concerts in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, St. Troms County Council aims to support a stronger and competitive film industry.

In this work, tiff is an important partner. It provides venues for networking, for competence building and for developing the industry not to mention the many great film experiences.

This week, we have the opportunity to see films from around the world, and films that are not screened anywhere else in Norway.


I wish the audience, the volunteers and the organizers a good festival! Det gir byen en tilleggsdimensjon i form av livsglede og bolyst. Men tiff er ikke bare en festival for oss i byen. God festival og lykke til.

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As mayor, it S t goran slanger mindre a great pleasure to welcome everyone to Norway s largest winter festival. Our city is shaking off the last remnants of the polar nights; the sun is returning, and we are enthusiastic about quality films from all over the globe.

Few cities can compare when it comes to cultural activities. For those of us who live here, high spirits and pride play their part when we join in on the fun of these cultural events. The festival adds an extra dimension of joy and sense of place. However, tiff S t goran slanger mindre not only a festival for the city s inhabitants, but for visitors, as well.

I wish all festival goers, the more than volunteers, the tiff organization, members of the press and others a fantastic festival. UiT fremmer kunnskap om folk, samfunn og verden vi lever i. The Arab World 75 I spenn: The films must have their Norwegian premiere at tiff to be eligible.

The cash prize nok is awarded the distributor who brings the film out to Norwegian audiences, thereby furthering the festival s goal to broaden the appreciation of artistically challenging films. In addition, the awarded film will be made available in digital format dcp by our sponsor bug, enabling a larger distribution and digital screenings in Norway.

Its honorary president is the Italian film S t goran slanger mindre Gianni Amelio, and one of its aims is to promote outstanding films for a broader audience. The director of the awarded film will receive euros offered by the four resource centers for film in the Arctic region: S t goran slanger mindre by Troms Kraft you can make a difference and let your voice be heard.

On the back cover of the festival program you will find a ballot. Use this to vote for your favorite movie. Around the festival there are several ballot boxes where your vote will be safely delivered. Troms Kraft gives power to the people. Vote for your favorite.

Han legger ofte handlingen i sine filmer til hjembyen Marseille og bruker de samme skuespillerne. Many of his films take place in Marseille and feature the same actors. Michel is laid off from his job at the Marseille harbour, but seems happy nonetheless: He lives off his pension, does the housework, sees his grandchildren and chills on his veranda. He even gets to go to Kilimanjaro with his wife for their wedding anniversary, but suddenly the two of them are victims of a serious crime that affects their travel plans as well as their marriage.

In the end, Michel also has to question his life-long commitment to the trade union: Whose interests has it served? It carefully portrays people and places, "S t goran slanger mindre" manages to address pressing social issues in today s France, as well as the question of what makes a good life. Matt King, a lawyer, has led a happy life in Hawaii, but he is experiencing dramatic changes: His wife has been in a coma for the last 23 days following an accident at sea.

He struggles to persuade his relatives to sell some real estate that has been in ownership of the family for a good hundred years. And his two daughters, aged 10 and 17, give him a headache. When one of them decides to let Matt in on something the rest of the family long has kept hidden from him, change is what he's going to get.


Sending men in their midlife crisis out on road trips has become a hallmark for director Alexander Payne. Matt King is no exception to the rule. He brings his daughter and a somewhat dodgy friend on a trip from Oahu to Kauai to find out more about the life his wife led before the accident.

Liten eller ingen inntekt? An exclusive selection of feature films from the international arena compete for the Aurora Prize. The prize is awarded to the film considered most deserving of Norwegian distribution by the Aurora Jury. He has however experienced trouble with Chinese censorship. Samtidig gir 11 flowers et bilde av viktige motsetninger i Kina under kulturrevolusjonen. Wang Han is 11 years old as China s Cultural Revolution goes into its final phase.

He and his friends are like most year-olds, playing kick-the-can, swimming in the river, arguing and sharing secrets. Wang Han s biggest challenge is S t goran slanger mindre to convince his mother to use the family s entire year s supply of cloth ration on a new shirt, so that he can be the school s gym leader with pride.

Then one day by the river, he witnesses a bleeding man. Soon he is sworn in on a secret that he finds very hard to keep. With elements of director Wang Xiaoshuai s autobiography, 11 flowers is a nostalgic view of childhood in a time of unrest, told with warmth and humor; it even hints of the coming-of-age classic stand by me. At the same time, it is a subtle portrait of Chinese small-town society during the Cultural Revolution.

Han studerte manus- og filmutvikling ved Binger Filmlab i Amsterdam, hvor han ble uteksaminert i Han har laget flere kortfilmer og underviser ved filmskolen St. He studied screen writing and film development at Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam, and graduated in He has made several shorts and teaches at St. Lucas Film School in Brussels. Samtidig vekkes vonde minner fra barndommen til live i Jacky. In the crime-drama bullhead, Flemish cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille must struggle with both the police coming onto him, and a S t goran slanger mindre past.

S t goran slanger mindre part of a criminal network in the beef industry, he S t goran slanger mindre from the smuggling and injection of growth hormones into his cattle. This is a world where tough farmers intimidate and bribe for illegal but profitable trade-offs. And it s a milieu where Jacky can juice up his own muscles with the same drugs used for cattle, without questions being asked.

But the assassination of a federal policeman, and an unexpected confrontation with a secret from Jacky s past, set in motion a chain of events with tragic consequences. Beautifully shot with several truly haunting sequences, bullhead is a stark tale on corruption in a broad sense. But most of all it s a fascinating character study of a man who is eventually caught up by his own life.

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