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Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen


Joachim Hvaal Supercar Lites 1. Stein Frederic Akre Thomas Bryntesson p 2. Oliver Solberg p 3. Alexander Hvaal p 5. Joachim Hvaal 69 p 8. Lukas Walfridson 61 p 9. Christer Dalmans 59 p Oliver Eriksson 49 p Supercar Lites 1. William Nilsson p 2. Simon Olofsson p 3. Henrik Krogstad 96 p 4. Vasily Gryazin 86 p 5. Sondre Evjen 78 p 6. Viktor Johansson 75 p 7. Anders Michalak 52 p 8. Thomas Holmen 51 p 9.

Santosh Berggren 50 p Conditions in Q2 proved challenging, but Jere, with limited wet experience, drove a very Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen race to take third. Sunday dawned cold but dry, and saw Tommy top the times in the warm-up.

Mattias Ekström is a racing...

After two races Jere was initially placed fourth overall, and Tommy 12th, however Jere was later disqualified from the Q2 results for using spec wet tyres, dropping him down the order. As a result, he lined up in the first race of Q3 and made a good start from the middle of the grid, and taking his joker on the final lap, he went on to win.

Tommy lined up second for Q4 and a good start into turn one earnt the immediate lead, which he held to the finish. Jere started his fourth qualifying race from the middle of the grid, and narrowly avoided crashing at the start, recovering to finish third.

After four qualifying races, Tommy was placed eighth to secure a place in the semi-finals, but Jere was unable to progress, losing out by just three Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen. In the semi finals, a decent start from Tommy put him fourth and after the joker he crossed the line third to guarantee a place in the Final. In that Tommy was unable to get a clean run from the second row and finished fourth at the flag.

On the pace he had this weekend, a place in the Final was easily within his reach. This was certainly the low point of the season and certainly this weekend. He progressed to the final "Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen" it was really hard and he did a great job to finish fourth from the back row. Big thanks to all the mechanics though, in fact everyone in the team, who are all doing a very good job. I was just three points away from qualifying which was a disappointment, but I think I showed my ability to drive well.

On the other hand, there have been some technical issues in every race which have hindered my pace and also my positions, but overall this has been a good learning year for me. I was pleased with our qualifying results, I love the track and had a very good feeling in the Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen. We had some close battles and pushed hard for this podium. His team-mate Timur Timerzyanov finished 11th in similar car. GRX driver Niclas Gronholm also had an impressive weekend, the Finn achieving his best result this season with a strong run to eighth place.

It was Anton Marklund who eventually triumphed in the Volkswagen Polo, making it another Swede to win on home soil and in front of a record crowd of 45, people. Peter Hedstrom took the runner-up spot while accomplished WTCC driver Rene Muennich rounded out the podium in his best ever rallycross finish. In the overall standings, Raymond leads Rooke by six points. The teams and drivers can now look forward to a short summer break as the World Championship prepares to cross the Atlantic for its first race out of the continent this year.

Joni-Pekka Rajala 60, loss of ten championship points for use of a third turbocharger in the Competition. Timo Scheider 44, five-second penalty in Q4 for causing an avoidable collision.

Philip Gehrman 39, restricted access to practice maximum four laps for being late to initial scrutineering. Derek Tohillfive-second penalty in Q3 for causing a collision at the exit of the Joker Lap. Jerome Grosset-Janin 74, five second penaltyin Q4 for leaving the track and gaining a place on rejoining.

Anton Marklund 92, reprimand for causing a collision. Jussi-Petteri Leppihalme 11, five-second in the final penalty for causing a collision and gaining a place.

Resultat Solvalla Supercar 1. Frode Holte Supercar Lites 1. Henrik M Krogstad 2. Thomas Bryntesson 80 p 2. Oliver Solberg 68 p 3. Alexander Hvaal 55 p 4. Lukas Walfridson 45 p 7.

Joachim Hvaal 40 p 8. Christer Dalmans 30 p Christer Dalmans 28 p Supercar Lites 1. William Nilsson 74 p 2. Simon Olofsson 72 p 3. Henrik M Krogstad 71 p 4. Viktor Johansson 53 p 5. Sondre Evjen 49 p 6. Vasiliy Gryazin 38 p 7. Thomas Holmen 35 p 8. Anders Michalak 31 Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen 9. Glenn Haug 29 p Sandra Hultgren 28 p. VM-kalender SM-kalender Datum. Kalender RallyX Nordic april: Grenland, Norge maj: Arvika, Sverige augusti: Three countries currently feature on the six-round schedule, with the potential for a fourth to be added at the still-to-be-confirmed third event in May.

Supercars and Supercar Lites will form the backbone of the popular series, with the Renault Clio-based RX Academy joining them at selected venues see below. As a country with a tremendous motorsport heritage, we are working closely with the Finnish Federation and are excited to see what they will bring to the series as we bid to further build this incredible sport across the border.

It will comprise three different classes, from the headlining Supercar Lites grid to support categories the RX Academy on Ice and crosskart-based Speedcar Xtreme. The Supercar Lites grid will be capped at 30 entries, and a flurry of orders as excitement builds has sent the Avitas Motorsport factory in Turkey into overdrive. Two brand new cars recently Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen off the production line and are ready to be delivered to their owners.

With orders continuing to flood in, further cars and a raft of spare parts are in the works. For further information on the RX Academy, Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen see www. Arvika kommun delade ut sitt kommunpris till Johan. Och nu fick jag ju Cyril Raymond was a deserving winner of the title following a peerless display, while seven other drivers similarly secured podium finishes over the course of the campaign.

The season will begin in Belgium in May before visiting the rallycross heartlands of the UK, Norway and Sweden, crossing the Atlantic to Canada mid-summer, stopping off in France and concluding in South Africa at the end of November. Now the goal is to grow the series even further next year, so this consistency is perfect.


Facing a quality entry of the best rallycross drivers in the world, Mark faced stiff opposition on only his second ever rallycross appearance. Despite the results, the team and Mark left Cape Town pleased with the experience of racing on the world stage, where an estimated 27, enthusiastic spectators across the weekend willed on the man from Pretoria. The event marked a successful working relationship for both Albatec and Mark, with both keen to continue discussions for the future.

In the meantime, the Dumfries team will continue to build on its season strengths as it firms up its rallycross programmes, which it plans to Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen shortly. Despite not getting the results the team and Mark are capable of the event was fantastic.

The enthusiastic crowd was so passionate about rallycross, very supportive of Mark, and it was great to be a part of that.

Get even more of the...

He delivered everything we could have hoped for "Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen" terms of his professionalism, support, and dedication to the job required. It was naturally disappointing not to come away with the results we deserved, and after all the efforts that Albatec put in over the weekend. We suffered a broken propshaft in the second qualifying race, which had a big effect on the outcome of the weekend, and ended our hopes of progressing to the semis.

You can rest assured that I will continue this journey and now it's time to start making it happen for They were joined by their teams, series partners and rallycross media for an evening that highlighted the very finest achievements of the year.

Mattias Ekström completed the strong...

There were a number of special accolades designed to recognise the most noteworthy performers. Each and every member of this series should give themselves a big pat on the back.

The Belgian looked to be on-course for a fourth straight runner-up finish, only for engine woes to dash his hopes in the final and elevate his team-mate Sondre Evjen into second place. Det blir nyckeln till framgång nästa år, säger Guillaume Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen Ridder. William Nilsson blev.

Mattias Ekström has clinched the FIA World Rallycross Championship runner-up slot. At the Reinis Nitišs had a weekend to forget in the third Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. Sin vana trogen kommer Peter med något helt nytt till Höljes. Bronze Åsa Lena & Per Olof Lööf Börje Ekström Börje Risinggård Catherine ciss blir till exempel dess för att visa att tonen tillhör en ny tonart. Looking for new sources of income, musicians turned to teaching, giving concerts to paying audi- Aeneas, the son of the Trojan prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite.

Mattias Ekström is a racing driver from Sweden. He has been competing in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters for Audi since Mattias ekstrom blir audi trogen is a FIA World.

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