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Stora skillnader pa kommuners


Under perioden har beredskapsstyrkorna i landet minskat med man och antalet stationer med 49 stycken. In order to get an idea of what the cuts have meant to the level of service offered to Swedish households computer simulations of operational times to residential premises have been performed for and Simulations were performed for operational times for operations requiring both a 3-man crew and a 5-man crew.

Current stand-by strengths and fire stations were used as the information base for the simulations for both years. During the period to there may have been some changes in population and the network of roads. Stora skillnader pa kommuners speeds were assumed as being "Stora skillnader pa kommuners" kph in built-up areas and as 90 kph in other areas. Two alternatives for co-operation between municipalities have been studied, complete no boundaries co-operation and no co-operation at all.

The latter alternative was not considered as particularly desirable or interesting so has therefore not been included in the final report.

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During the period to stand-by strength, nationwide, was reduced by personnel and 49 fire stations. The number of 5-man crews, which is the usual size for a Stora skillnader pa kommuners, increased despite the fact the number of firefighters on the whole decreased.

Even in sparsely populated areas the number of 5-man crews increased, which often resulted in a reduction in the average operational time across the municipality. In municipalities that shut down stations or reduced manpower strengths and concentrated more on 5-man crews there was an increase in the average operational time for 3-man crews.

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The formation of 5-man crews was possible either Stora skillnader pa kommuners the restructuring of crews or through an increase to strengths in the municipality. The turn out time for all crew on average increased from 4,6 to 5,5 minutes. A large number of full-time crews extended there turn out time from 60 to 90 seconds. In several cases this resulted in an equally large increase in the average operational time for the whole municipality.

The reductions that were made had very little effect on the nationwide average operational time. For 3-man crews the national average increased by 6 seconds, while it decreased by 1 second for 5-man crews. Stora skillnader pa kommuners describe the differences, that after all exist, we need to study the material at a municipal level.

For 5-man crews operational times decreased in 14 municipalities and increased in For 3-man crews operational times decreased in 8 municipalities and increased in In total there were changes in just Stora skillnader pa kommuners half of all the municipalities.

Average sized municipalities, industrial towns and sparsely populated municipalities, as a rule, improved their mean operational times for 5-man crews for the period between and Other types of municipalities suburban, rural, medium sized towns, large towns, and cities had small increases in operational times. For 3-man crews operational times were reduced only in sparsely populated municipalities, in other types of municipalities times were increased.

In industrial towns and suburban and rural municipalities the increase was greater than in other types of municipalities. Of the 23 counties studied 9 had increases to their operational time for 5-man crews for the period between and Three counties had unchanged operational times and the remaining 11 had reduced time.

For 3-man crews there had been an increase in 16 counties. The county with the unchanged time for 5-man crews also had an unchanged time for 3-man crews. The remaining 6 counties had a reduced operational time.

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This study only reports on the effects of the operational time. Det är stora skillnader i kostnader för skolmåltider i olika kommuner, det visar ny statistik Läs hela artikeln på Reagera på nyheten. monthly monthly . things/. vanliga definitioner finns på men det finns också stora skillnader.

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. kombination med dålig ekonomi i dessa kommuner.

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