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Ny besattning reparerar mir


Thoughts on the Crew: Dmitri var 14 vid tiden. Han var den sista som stod, han var den utvalda. Nej nej nej nej nej nej nej! Alexs grova livserfarenheter har dramatiskt formade hennes personlighet. Alex has since dedicated herself to protecting the ones she cares about and ensuring a safe future for them, even at the cost of her own well being.

She has let go of her impulsive, sometimes selfish tendencies and has become Ny besattning reparerar mir more serious, mature, and determined person. Now that some time has passed, Alex has begun to come to terms Ny besattning reparerar mir her father's fate and move on with her life. Now surrounded by lifelong friends and her true love, for the first time in her life Alex is truly happy and feels comfortable letting her true self shine through.

Morgan seems like the leader of the crew. She's the older sister I always wish I had. We fight sometimes and she can be kind of a bitch but I think she has everyone's best interests at heart. I call her Ms. Bossypants because she can be kind of bossy.

She got powers from a Pokemon called Dialga inside the Eye of Aether, but only for a little while. She's the only one on the ship besides Naomi who knows about the things I've done to myself… I don't think anyone else would understand I call him Blue because he has blue hair, obviously.

He's actually the Gardener, what's left of it anyway. He's an AI, but he's a good guy. The scientists who made him were not very good people, but they made him better. When he was just the Gardener he was part of an evil plan.

Now he's trying to stop it like us. A Pokemon called Giratina gave him a magic tattoo with superpowers but he gave it back. Dmitri is a badass Romanov Ny besattning reparerar mir kills mean people who hurt Pokemon. He fights for justice like some kind of Pokemon Avenger!


I don't think he likes me very much On the Mirror planet he gained a connection with a scary Pokemon called Darkrai that let him affect people's minds, but he got rid of it eventually. H is a crazy robot-man. I call him Inspector Gizmo because has lightning powers and extendo-legs. He tried to kill me once, and I tried to kill him once. We don't get along very well but we accepted that we had to work together in order to save the Galaxy a long time ago. We mostly stay out of each other's business now.

The pilot is named Minerva. She's cool and has "Ny besattning reparerar mir." She doesn't say much. I think she's secretly a vampire, but I haven't been able to prove it yet. Doc is the guy who made H. He's smart and knows about science and stuff, but he's also a drunk. Why didn't he make H nicer? It's not fair that a jerkface like H got to save his dad but I couldn't!

Diane is a Pokemon mentor who can teach Pokemon to use Ny besattning reparerar mir new moves and show us better ways to train our Pokemon!


She's helped make all my Pokemon stronger! Meta is Ny besattning reparerar mir super amazing hacker who was working with Gilgamesh and some other guys, but she was captured by I. He put a bomb in her head and tried to make her steal from us! She got away, but we caught her and then took the bomb out. Then she teamed up with us to get payback against I! I'm so glad Naomi is here!

We were reunited on Harmonia just in time. The first Mewtwo came and destroyed Harmonia but she escaped with us! She told me she realized that leaving me behind on Vandia was the biggest mistake she ever made. Now we're together at last, just like I've always dreamed. I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I've treated this section like excerpts from Alex's journal. Stored on the Ship: He was a longtime member of the team of bounty hunters known as the Red Suns before he was framed for their former leader Lars Rickets' murder by fellow member Devlin Garth.

In order to survive, Arlon faked his own death and spent several months lying low Ny besattning reparerar mir joining up with the crew of the UAS Helix. During his time with them, Arlon served as both the ship's pilot and de facto leader of the team. With the crew's help, Arlon was able to clear his name and rejoin the Red Suns which had since become a pirate organization.

Working with a team of allies both new and old, he rid the Red Suns of unsavory elements and reformed the organization into an elite band Ny besattning reparerar mir mercenaries under his leadership with the secret goal of uncovering Mr.

In the following months, Arlon maintained contact with the Helix and provided the crew with leads and intel, as well as occasionally recruiting them to help with big operations. Arlon was a tactful leader in both combat and espionage, a skilled Pokemon trainer, and a powerful ally for the crew of the UAS Helix. He ultimately sacrificed his life to destroy one of the Mewtwos, proving that they can be killed, and was honored as a hero.

The Red Suns were founded as a team of bounty hunters by Lars Rickets. Rickets was murdered during a job gone bad on Parisia by one of his own team, Ny besattning reparerar mir Garth, and Arlon was framed for "Ny besattning reparerar mir." Under Garth's control the Red Suns became a ruthless band of pirates, Ny besattning reparerar mir beyond bounty hunting into many illegal activities.

Arlon eventually cleared his name and ousted Garth, then spent several months working to rebuild the Red Suns as an elite band of mercenaries with the goal of uncovering Mr. While the Red Suns were mostly hired mercs, Arlon relied on a team of trusted lieutenants: Rena Bourdeaux, a skilled psionic sniper from the Genevan world Parisia with an affinity for Psychic type Pokemon with whom he was romantically involved; Kiril Zhukov, a large, battle-seasoned Romanov and an expert on explosives; Luke Anderson, a former Federation marine with a respectable service record both as a marine and a mercenary; and Petra Azarov, a skilled Romanov bounty hunter and one of Arlon's oldest friends.

Additionally, several other members of the Red Suns proved themselves to be loyal and reliable: Upon Arlon's death, the other lieutenants chose Rena to continue leading the Red Suns. Meta - A young hacker prodigy from the Romanov world Xiaou with a strong interest in technology.

I put a bomb in her head and forced her to steal data from the Helix. After she escaped the Helixthe ship's crew and the Red Suns tracked her down, and removed the bomb. Since then, she has joined the crew of the Helix and set up a cyber-warfare suite on the ship.

In addition to running the cyber-warfare suite, Meta also worked closely with H and Shane on several projects.

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She even ended up in some semblance of a romantic relationship with H. She originally met Alex on Vandia when they were both 15 when she traveled to the Sinai planet, accompanying her father on business. Alex saved Naomi from a street thug who was attacking her and the two became very close friends.

Alex showed Naomi Ny besattning reparerar mir world of fun and new experiences and opened her eyes to Human suffering she never experienced in her rich and sheltered life. During their time together, Naomi developed strong feelings for Alex but tried to hide them, even from herself, because she thought she was in love with another girl from her home. Eventually, the time came for Naomi to return to Ny besattning reparerar mir Space with her father.

When she told Alex this, the Sinai girl confessed her feelings for her and asked to come with her. Naomi revealed that she was in love with someone else Alex responded with desperate attempts to change her mind that ultimately pushed her away. When she returned to Harmonia, Naomi realized that Alex had completely changed her outlook on life.

She could no longer stand the rich, spoiled, attitudes of her friends or the girl she thought she loved, and her father's ruthless and shady business practices disgusted her.

Realizing she made a huge mistake leaving Alex behind and dedicated herself to exposing corruption in Alliance society, specifically Ny besattning reparerar mir father and his company, as recompense for breaking Alex's heart. Naomi even helped the Red Suns steal credits from ASI Consolidated in return for some files to help bring the company down. Alex came back into Naomi's life once more when the Helix arrived on Harmonia. No sooner were they reunited than Harmonia was attacked by a Mewtwo.

Naomi fled the planet aboard the Helix with Alex as it was destroyed. Both girls were overjoyed to be in each other's company once more and began a romantic relationship, neither wanting to be parted Ny besattning reparerar mir the other ever again.

The crew recruited her on the Federation megatropolis world Delphyne. She is a skilled Genevan pilot with a sassy attitude. She has a pretty intense medical condition that requires lots of equipment and medication but she is well worth the cost.

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She's seen a lot of crazy things during her time with the Helix crew, but she has grown used to it by now. She may not admit it to her employers, but she's become quiet fond of them. He provided the crew with valuable knowledge of the history of the Universe and helped steer them onto the path of peace with the Mewtwos. He traveled with the crew until the conclusion of the final battle. Louis Armstrong - The scientist "Ny besattning reparerar mir" created H while working on a project funded by Mr.

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