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Vi haller tummarna


How much sooner one tires of Vi haller tummarna than of a book! We don't give in! Panzeranzi 12 yrs ago. As you see, we haven't lost faith - we still hope for a Scandinavian Forum.

We intend to keep our threads going until we get it! Feel welcome to write to us in English in this thread if you want contact or information about Scandinavian literature - or if you just support our request!

Hvis Ron ser at det bare er ca. Er du ny her? Vi svarer deg gjerne. Hei og stadig lykke til! Kaleidoblikk 12 yrs ago. Stemmer linken til Book Talk. Hvilken link hvor til hva er det som er Vi haller tummarna Vi skal bruke nr 4 fremdeles. Hvor blir det av alle??? Ja, BC var nede i morges, men er med igen. Moem 12 yrs ago. I'm still supporting your request! You are indeed a faithful friend!

Annelis 12 yrs ago. Thank you very much, Moem! Sweden has bookcrossers Scandinavians read each other's languages. Also in Finland BCers, 9. So they must be the next to get it, right? Well, Vi haller tummarna is no 'must' about it, but it would be logical, not to mention it would make a lot of Bookcrossers happy.

I don't mean to be selfish I am a happy Finnish-Finnish Bookcrosser! The statistics you posted speak for themselves. I think you totally deserve a Scandinavian Forum, so again I support the idea.

Thank you for your support! Hvor bidt af det er du? Jeg kigger ind et par gange - eller flere: Rawne 12 yrs ago. Men det er sjovt! Vi haller tummarna 12 yrs ago. Really good karma, and it's priceless! Don't speak a word. I think any language group, even it only tiny which I'm not saying you are!!! There is no reason for linguistic imperialism in the Bookcrossing context. Thank you for your support tehuti! And the beauty of it. Even though we come from three and sometimes more different countries, we understand each other because our languages are so similar.

Translation for 'håller tummarna' in...

Don't speak a word - Thank you for your support! Thank you for the support tehuti!!

Translation for 'Jag håller tummarna'...

We are a pretty tiny languagegroup but we do like to communicate! And many nordic people live scattered over the planet - which is another reason for a forum where we can meet in our own tounge! It's so nice to see that our threads gets new members all the time! And that some of them already showed up in this new thread!

Majosim 12 yrs ago. We were 3 at the first meeting in Helsinki two years ago. It is a good "Vi haller tummarna."

12 yrs ago. Jag håller...

Last Tuesday we were 12 or something - I did not count. And one was a new member, too. Findabair 12 yrs ago. Kanskje det Vi haller tummarna en fin dag i dag. Ha en god dag alle sammen! CrocO 12 yrs ago. Please, Ron; don't we deserve a Scandinavian Forum?

Swedish[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Literally, "to hold...

We have worked hard for a long time and we are an active bunch of people who really long for a Scandinavian Forum. It is high time for us in Scandinavia to get a forum of our own! SpotOn 12 yrs ago. Men glatt, glatt, glatt Taowaki 12 yrs ago. DrPangloss 12 yrs ago. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.

The storekeeper told him to identify himself, so Ole pulled out a mirror, looked in it and Vi haller tummarna Thanks for a laugh! You're the best Dr Pangloss! Hi, I'm doing the 5x5x5 challenge and I was thiking of choosing at least one scandinavian writer for Europe. What would you suggest? His books have been translated into many languages and are written "internationally" as he talks a lot about international politics and crime.

Desperaeux 12 yrs ago. How long will this take? Just a little support here! I am pulling for you! I do have a question. Do you folks really do this? It said something about this being the day of Christ's conception. Presumably to celebrate, you eat waffles.

And, of course, it's serious But I don't think that so many of us do it to celebrate Christ's conception, for me it is like celebrating spring. I am SO going to celebrate it here in the United States! This is a much better idea than, say, a lutefisk celebration!

I think the whole country having waffles one day could do a lot for morale And with the waffles you need cloudberry jam and whipped cream: What is cloudberry jam? Is it like a strawberry or raspberry? Whipped cream we have! Honestly, I can not tell you how excited I am over this!

It does not take much to entertain me Ok, I hit the internet, and found were I can buy cloudberry jam and Vi haller tummarna jam. One of the sites I went to said that the waffles are taken with afternoon coffee I "Vi haller tummarna" it means it's eaten in the afternoon, but if you want to, you can eat it anytime of the day!

Cloudberries are orange, the gold of the Vi haller tummarna. I found a website that sells cloudberry jam. They say it is tangy, and I think I'll get some and some Lingonberry jam also to try. At this point, the plan is for my brother to meet me at the house at noon for waffles and coffee. It is never too early or late for waffles and coffee Translation for 'Jag håller tummarna' in the free Swedish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

Nu håller vi tummarna att det kommer fina foxred valpar i mitten av januari. Python 3 tools $ perl -env mip_pyv --python_version -- select_program genmod --select_program chanjo --select_program variant_integrity.

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