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Tavla om biljetter till metallica


Wow vilken resa vi haft! What an amazing trip!! Great company, fantastic skiing and perfect weather. Ok a bit cold, but that scared some human race away from the slopes I think. And I stayed warm with spit jackets: Salted chips, gone off cream, red onion and fish row — acute and easy appetizer and so yummy!!

Our in night in Aspen we stayed at our revered Viceroy! Because we young man their outdoor pool and hot tub area. Acknowledge gratitude you Colorado for another great vacay! A entertainment hockey game in Denver last night was a perfect ending on that trip. We call it the Mouse House.

Today we skied at Aspen Highland. We made a stop at lovely Cloud 9 and ordered some champagne.

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We are also celebrating Johan that turns 39 years old today. I saw my doctor today and ran a LOT of tests. Xmas table setting in our dining room.

Our last night in Aspen we stayed at our favorite Viceroy! So proud of these two. Looks good If I can say that myself:

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Tavla om biljetter till metallica

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Broke Date w/o notifying after long drive - played or paranoid? WorldWired Tour vender tilbage til Danmark! Mægtige Metallica rammer. After months on the road, we are above happy to finally present you our new live album 'Plays Metallica By Four Cellos - A Live Performance'. Stream it, buy it..

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