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Jordbavning pa bali


Agung erupted early this morning around 4am Sunday 30th December with a steam and gas column up to m above the crater. Ash fell around in villages around the volcano with reports of a dusting of volcanic ash in many villages in east Bali though not in any tourist areas and some hearing the rumble. PVMBG said the 3 minute ruption measured amplitude 22 mm on the seismogram.

"Jordbavning pa bali"

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No much wind just light winds to southeast. The eruption happened at PVMBG concluded that the eruption will comprise of lava materials and pyroclastic debris up to small-scale volcanic ash rains.

This means that there are no new lava materials emerging from beneath. Volcano Agung is still active, and in the last week there have been some volcanic tremors, as well as some gas and steam venting - plus some quakes coming out of nearby Lomok. Agung remains at level Jordbavning pa bali warning, and 4km exclusion zone is in place, so don't go too near, or "Jordbavning pa bali" to climb.

There is an interesting article about Bali's environment and tourism, it might make you feel a bit guilty, but it does reveal that as visitors, tourists and even long-termers, we all have an impact on Bali's environment, and we all can do something to lessen our impact and not stuff up this island paradise.


We all love Bali. As real Bali lovers, can we take a closer look at how we can also do good to the locals and the environment even as we travel? There is no magic wand; all of us need to do our best to keep Bali as the sacred place it is.

Time to be conscious of our actions and work towards a greener and happier Bali! If you sign up and book an early table in the next month, you also get 50, rupiah towards your first booking. Volcanic activity believed to have sent a wave crashing into villages and hotels in the popular tourist area on the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra.

Twenty-eight people are missing and authorities expect the death toll to rise as many affected areas have not yet been reached.

The tsunami hit at about 9. There was no pre-warning given. Here is an explanation as to why that was. The tsunami is thought to have been caused by the eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano, which may have triggered underwater landslides. People have been warned to stay away from the coast due to fears of another tsunami.

Aid agencies are at the scene. An Oxfam assessment team is going to the Strait today to gather more information about what has happened and what they can do. Indonesian rock band Seventeen were midway through a performance in a tent at Tanjung Lesung beach resort in west Java when the wave hit and obliterated the stage, dragging the musicians and audience members with it.

Just to remind us all that we are living in a dynamic Jordbavning pa bali, and that this part of the world is a little more active than other areas, there was a small quake near Lombok around 2pm Saturday 22 Dec clocking in around 4.

Yesterday afternoon there was also a quake around 4pm at 5. Some deaths on the island from lightening strikes, sudden heavy downpours causing landslides. It is the rainy season, folks. Remember even if it isn't raining on you, it could be higher up, causing rivers and streams to rise that are normally dry or low-flow in the dry season. This morning, Thursday 6th December, there were a Jordbavning pa bali of earthquakes across the waters from Bali on western Lombok, clocking in around 5.

According to a story in Indonesia Investments https: Pretty quiet around Agung with some low level activity continuing the trend of minor gas venting. Quite a lot of beds were shaken - millions might have felt it, according to reports. Particularly those in the south, as you can see from the map below. Various reports of shaking around Bali, but none of any damage. Nor is there any tsunami danger or warning from the deepish quake.

If you are in Bali visiting, and that was your first experience of a quake, how was it for you? Did the earth move for you? For those not afraid of Jordbavning pa bali little boat ride through the tropical islands of Indonesia, head instead to Komodo, where you can hike through rainforest valleys, visiting ancient tribes who still maintain their traditions.

As well as Komodo, Lombok could be added to the list of places less developed and crowded as Bali. Not Bali or Agung related, but in Indonesian news, a Lion airlines flight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang has crashed into the sea off the coast of Java a short time after take off. Small quake just after 5pm Saturday centred south of Bali initially 4. Initial record says 6.

Visit First Table www. The first thing you should try to do, if possible, is to move away from the coast, lagoons or other bodies of water, towards higher ground and even into hills or mountains.

Move until you are either 2 miles 3, m inland or feet 30 m above sea level. Expect roads to be totally wiped out by a tsunami. First, protect yourself from an Earthquake. Get to high ground as far inland as possible. Be alert to signs of a tsunami, such as a Jordbavning pa bali rise or Jordbavning pa bali of ocean waters. Listen to emergency information and alerts.

If you are in a boat, go out to sea. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Explanation of what happened on Agung on the weekend From Tempo Jordbavning pa bali Update and Bali's environment Update on Agung: Do you know we are killing Bali?

Soaking in bathtubs, going for dolphin-watching, buying Luwak coffee… All these actually contribute to harming the animals and the environment in Bali, and are made worse by tourism! Same nation as Bali but a long long way away. Small quake in Lombok. Jordbavning pa bali reports of damage. Did you feel anything? One of these pics below is of historic quakes since in the region.

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Yep, quite a few. Be aware, be prepared, but don't be unnecessarily worried. No prizes for guessing that this is a volcano. Rain, thunder, and lightening in some parts of Bali Some deaths on the island from lightening strikes, sudden heavy downpours causing landslides.

Lightening storms even rattled Agung's seismographs.

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Some quakes and on-going Agung simmering Quakes Jordbavning pa bali morning, Thursday 6th December, there were a couple of earthquakes across the waters from Bali on western Lombok, clocking in around 5.

Meanwhile, the levy on the entry of a domestic tourist would be IDR 10, approx. Still same warning level in Jordbavning pa bali and of course, no climbing of Agung. Did you feel it? And if you did, where were you?

Have Australians destroyed Bali? In a recent interview, she says Instead of Ubud… go to Komodo: What do you think?

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These crowded Asian destinations are over. Plane crash Indonesia More bad news Jordbavning pa bali Indonesiamore sad news for us all. It was quite a way south east of Bali. Not a big deal. Otherwise pretty quiet in many ways in Bali. Update on Agung - slight change in activity Should I bring a mask? Earthquake felt across Bali just before 3am Thursday Initial record says 6. A small bed rattler. NO tsunami danger or warning. But always risk of aftershocks. What did you do? Death toll likely to be over from tsunami and quake.

Damage is seen following an earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia, July Map of Indonesia showing Lombok, Bali and the earthquake epicentre. Listen to and buy Pa Bali music on CD Baby. Download or buy "Jordbavning pa bali" CD Ambazonia by Pa Bali on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. Devoted to Jordbavning pa bali Mt Agung and its volcanic Bali volcano eruption Agung + Lombok quake August is in Ubud.

Damage is seen following an...

. De rapporterar om det är oroligheter när det gäller vulkaner och jordbävningar i området på och runt Bali!.