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Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. It can grow up to 64TB presenting itself as a single large pool of storage. Ideal for a network of up to users, the Drobo Bn can store and share files.

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Use it as your primary storage for important files and documents OR as a place to backup files, projects, or even connect computers on the network. This is because simultaneous user requests induce the hard drives recording mechanism to move around the disk.

The drive spends more time looking for data blocks "Kvinna biten i ansiktet av hund" it does reading or writing data for users.

Add two SSDs and you can accelerate performance for all simultaneous users. New technology uses two techniques to accelerate access to your data: As it cools, i. As data is read from hard drives, the Bn will prefetch nearby data that it predicts will be also be read. Your benefit is faster access and less waiting. Or they can be used to provide a connection to two different subnets.

Linux users pick which file sharing method to use on their system. You can set up a pair of Bns to automatically make an offsite copy of your data. This provides an easy to setup offsite backup of your important data. Even better, the remote Bn stores all user account information so that recovery is a breeze.

Create a separate shares for use by Time Machine and assign them a maximum size. This lets users control how much space Time Machine uses, and stops it from taking over all storage on its backup target.

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This protects directory structures ensuring Drobo will remount on your computer. Drobo has a battery inside that powers RAM memory. When there is a power outage, data is stored on internal flash-based nonvolatile storage.

Your data is safe until power returns. The battery recharges itself and lasts for the life of the product.

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It enables services such as DroboAccess, Koken and WordPress to be accessed remotely in a secure fashion. DroboPix allows secure and automatic uploads of mobile photos and videos. DroboApps also add functionality to your Drobo Bn. The DroboCare support program extends your peace of mind beyond the standard warranty term and phone support included with your Drobo purchase.

In fact, DroboCare gives you more, even during your standard warranty period.

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