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Vilket skick sjick eller tjick


Home Training browse logs injury archive paces Racing Discussion Community. Both A and B had had a bug so I think it was something going around. Really minor but I didn't want to ignore it. Immune system must have fought it off. Didn't really amount to anything significant.

Only took mg of vit C and two ibuprofen on day one. I'm recovered Vilket skick sjick eller tjick slight cold and feeling really good, actually. I think the rest day on Tuesday helped a lot. Took the day completely off and resisted the urge to train to spend the day taking as much sleep and fluids as possible. Took vitamin C and neocitrin to make it all bearable.


Rest at the beginning. If I don't have a fever I can pretty early start to do some easy movement I took my day off on Mon because I felt tired and then got sick on Tues anyway. Maybe should have taken that day off a day sooner. Handled very nicely, I increased my Vit C intake through oranges, Vilket skick sjick eller tjick for more sleep and rest and dealt with it in about 2 days.

I don't think I lost any fitness and in fact the rest was probably very neccessary! I Vilket skick sjick eller tjick just felt sick for one day friday but I decided to rest on saturday as well just to be safe.

Yes, I know, I know I was being stupid and overdid things Did 3 days in a row of orienteering cause this? Only thing that helped me get better was being horizontal and doing absolutely nothing for a good two days. Or maybe it was just a pretty serious hay fever attack, don't know, but in any case I'm thankful that it didn't hang around. Didn't actually bother me on the recce on Sunday.

Maybe the salt-water gargling killed the bugs. If Marc gets sick, I should put myself into quarantine for a week, take lots of vitamin C, and drink lots of tea, not have a busy week with different social events and try to train 2 hours a day Dont normally get colds, so it was probably due to spending hours in the rain and cold.

Just eating right and sleeping lots corrected it. Need to balance workouts and rest taking in account weather changes. So glad I spent 2 days inside on sofa eating well and actually taking care of myself.

Recovered really quickly for me! Probably picked up something last week, also had a heavy night out which couldn't do my immune system any good. Felt more tired than I should have been over the weekend which was probably a sign the something wasn't right but I wasn't going to miss the CSC Final.

No training for 3 days and I feel a lot better. Caused by rushing around so much in the few days after getting back from Portugal. Rested a couple of days, then just carried on training once I could actually breathe through my nose again! Just rest two days directly next time. Aika nopeasti meni ohi. No idea what caused it, but took 2 days off, could have run 3rd day but opted for safety and took another day off then an easy run the next day.

I tried the zinc in the early stages like the doc said, and was only sick for 2 days! Usually it's like 2 weeks! Cold was result of overexertion last week after recovering from Mono headache causing issues. Gotta ramp it up slowly again.

I still have the sniffles, but the bulk of the cold is behind me I think. Martin eller Clara smittade mig tror jag.

Huh - one night Vilket skick sjick eller tjick sore throat?? Throat - nose dodgy since I got the flu shot on May 5th - any connection? In retrospect ploughing through the mile session wasn't ideal, and I could maybe have thrown it off with some easier runs instead? I don't think I was actually sick. Though maybe taking that day off from work and sleeping all day actually did help I caught the cold from a kid who sneezed in my face two days before showing symptoms.

Well, I'm passed the Billygoat and didn't suffer too much. Since I'm resting now, the cold doesn't seem to be as bad although I might still see the doctor to see if I can get anything stronger for my Vilket skick sjick eller tjick.

Totalt spelas fem stick med...

Once again caused by lack of sufficient sleep while training hard and playing hard. Getting up at Need to make more effort to get to bed on time. Going to go to the doctors. Hope I don't get a cough in a couple of weeks again For me I know that illnesses Vilket skick sjick eller tjick short-lived and I can train through most. If the cold had travelled to my chest it would be a different matter but they don't ever seem to. Not quite gone, but taking down the flag anyway. Cold FX actually seemed to hold it off but it has stayed low level throughout Rest at the weekend, getting back to eating better food, taking some time to myself and sleeping.

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"Vilket skick sjick eller tjick" to feel like I'm getting back on track with most things now. Little bit of lingering cold, but more or less better now. Slept 2 12 hour nights over the weekend and two 8's Mon and Tues I think thats what made the difference.

Cold brought on by too many late nights with a little too much alcohol. Very mild - just feeling a bit cold, and had a minor headache for half a day. Taking it very easy so I can get rid of it quickly. Started training again - and a lot maybe a bit too early Doing biking was ok but maybe prolonged the cough. Running on Sunday was good because I could feel my lungs slowly opening up but I must have shrugged the cold off already.

Still lingering a bit but feel a lot better overall. A lot of sleep helped. Poor food choices probably slowed things down a bit though. Will be running this afternoon to see how I feel. May have been from 2 week trip to Europe, change in sleep patterns, airplane, too much work etc.

Dann Umstellung Schlafrythmus auf aufstehen. Men jag vet inte riktigt vad jag skulle gjort annorlunda. Feeling better but my appetite is still diminished; I blame the rapid change in weather for this cold; if I had been a little more careful about what I was wearing when I was exercising last week Vilket skick sjick eller tjick I might not have had to deal with this cold. Lots of sleep, water, and Zicam helped. I think I was generally stressed and didn't sleep well on the bus ride to and back from Yellowstone.

Zinc, echinacea, vit c, symptomatic relief pills. Because of surgery, went to see the PA and was prescribed allergy type stuff which calmed things down.

Caused by too long on a plane and too late night coming back from the tropics weakened immune system. Recovered fairly sensibly and quite quickly. Just let the cold run its course. I felt really bad the first Vilket skick sjick eller tjick days, but after that just continued to exercise although it was less my training log is way down this week. As with any cold, just drink gallons of water and OJ, keep warm and get plenty of sleep to get over it fastest. Just did too much last weekend, and then kept pushing it throughout the rest of the week.

If I had had enough sleep, I might have gotten away with the crazy weekend Hopefully it will teach me a lesson: I get so depressed when I'm down with a cold Took a while to recover, eventhough I was never really sick in bed. Even 10 days later my nose would be running a little and Vilket skick sjick eller tjick throat hurting. Sleep continues to be an issue in this case. I had barely recovered from the last Vilket skick sjick eller tjick when this one had hit. Right now, dietwise, I am making more of an effort to take a multivitamin, along with my probiotic supplement.

Paying attention to my diet seems to have made a difference where my overall health is concerned. Getting far too drunk last week, having a few late nights ;-then seeing Gran who had a cold. I think that partying too hard last weekend at Phish got run down and exposed to illness.

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