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Take a moment to sign up and enjoy all of the features our forums have to offer. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 35 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Snabb Intake Installation I installed this today, thought I would post some pictures that other folks might find useful if they decide to do the same. Removed strut bar, Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr box, charge air pipe, Viva strut brace before I took this pict.

I did plugs as well as was thinking about installing the Viva CBV I have had sitting on my workbench for the last 6 months or so, so I removed whatever would need to be removed for all 3 jobs. The hardest part was getting to the clamp that holds the stock intake pipe to the turbo - is in there somewhere I ended up removing the WG, which is not big deal as I have a mityvac pressure tester so was able to set it back to 7psi easily enough.

Snabb Intake Installation

Finally I was able to see the damn clamp Here is a close up and a blurry one at that it is worm clamp that there is VERY little room to do anything down there. The part of the clamp I needed to reach was facing the firewall, I do not think I would have been able to remove it with the waste gate still attached.

I was able to orient the new clamp so that the screw was facing up so I could access it after the WG was reinstalled Success! The instruction say to leave the clamps loose so you can adjust as necessary as you go. That is a bit Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr because as you are working on the top section, the bottom section that you thought you were done with will separate and much swearing ensues.

I ended up snugging up the clamps pretty Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr after I learned the hard way what happens if you keep then too loose. I also had to switch the clamp around on the PTC so it would be accessible to tighten.

I bought the pipe with the PTC already installed and had to adjust it to get it in a position that would work. Here are pictures of the intake installed I was able to see the CBV and am convinced that it would be easier to remove the turbo to install it, my hat is off to the guys who have managed to install it with the turbo still on the car.

Snabb rates this installation as medium difficulty - I think it was a little harder to do than that, the absolute lack of space is th biggest challenge, but it is doable in a few hours with basic hand tools.

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Last edited by jstro; at Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. You can reach Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr clamp at the inlet to the turbo from the back of the engine. I just slipped a properly sized socket can't remember the size on the shortest extension on my smallest ratchet and it fit between the firewall and the turbo so that I could reach the bolt head on the clamp, without having to remove the wastegate. Don't give up on the CBV install. I know it's a pain in the ss, but, as you said, you had everything out that needs to be removed in order to install it.

To be honest, I think I made my CBV install more difficult by doing it without removing the coolant hose closest to it contrary to kmgs60R's install procedure. For me, the only three really finicky parts of the install were removing one of the three hex bolts holding the stock CBV in place, maneuvering Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr HD CBV into place around the coolant hose, and tightening the hex bolt that was difficult to remove.

Otherwise, it really wasn't totally awful. Now I'm upgrading to the Viva hybrid turbo, so I get to remove and reinstall it all again, although at least this time I'm going to do it with the turbo off the car! Last edited by soupandspoons; at So you wussed out on the CBV install? I too have these same parts waiting to go in. I've been debating whether or not to attempt it myself, or make my indy suffer at least until I pay the bill.

I just got done with the install myself and logged on to post "Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr" thoughts on the install.

The screw was pointing right into the wastegate on my car. I was able to use a long screwdriver secured to the notches in the band, and a hammer to tap the band until the screw shifted into a position that I could undo.

I agree with needing to secure the hose to the turbo while I positioned the rest of the pipe. It will keep popping off when you're fitting the rest of the intake together. The PTC Element needs to be rotated counter clockwise about 45 Degrees to be able to attach the sensor.

Lack of space is the biggest challenge through out the install. Throttle response felt really good, but it's hard to tell how much better since I haven't driven the car in a few weeks. Originally Posted by BlazinBob.

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Originally Posted by jstro. Sniff, Sniff, "sheads a tear of humilitation" yes I sort of convinced myself that it made more sense to combine the CBV with a preventivive collar gear replacement and maybe since the turbo will be pulled anyway possibly do a Viva Hybrid Originally Posted by sconeman.

Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr glad the install was successful and I'll be sure ammend the instructions Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr needed and alter the angle that I install the PTC's as well as flip the position of the PTC clamp so it's accessible. Happy New Year, Kristian snabb performance parts.

Is it worth the work and money? IMHO, anything you can do to obtain a freer flowing intake and exhaust is worth it. Originally Posted by SamS60R. I agree with jstro It is right below the wastegate. I can't imagine getting it off without removing the wastegate first. Taking off the strut bar created some valuable space as well. There was plenty of hand scraping, cursing and lying on top of the engine. The piece goes Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr nicely and is well engineered.

I've driven the car a bit and the car does seem to breathe better. Throttle response and sound are clearly improved. Took the car out for a mile round trip last night. Increased throttle response was very noticeable, and the turbo seamed to spool up a bit faster too.

Between the performance gains and the sounds that I'm getting from the turbo and the CBV, I'd buy the intake pipe all over again in a heart beat.

Is there such a thing as too much intake for the turbo? Originally Posted by Short Circuit. Not really impressive compared to other cars Last edited by SamS60R; at What boost levels were you reading? I think jstro should be able to get you some MAF flow readings with his scangauge to compare. I can do it in a couple of days with my custom post-MAF intake tube using my new scangauge, but it will have to wait until after I receive my order from Tasca Volvo that includes the replacement clips to fix my broken driver's side window mechanism.

Originally Posted by soupandspoons.

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Started my install last night got the stock turbo inlet pipe off without taking the wg off but let me tell u what a bitch this was and trying to fit everything in there but have the whole intake in just have to put the ams box in and tighted everything up took me about 1.

Built to the hill. I'm certainly waiting for warmer weather to do mine. I have a LONG list of items going on in the spring so i'm not in a real hurry.

Intalled mine and love it Pulls harder, making more boost in all gears and boost response like I never thought my volvo R would have Awe "Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr" love it!!! I made my own. The turbo is MUCH louder. Last edited by Jimmy B. So I'm not mechanically inclined, how long did the install take everyone?

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I am picking one up tomorrow and would like to know how long to plan save money for the install for the indy. Premium Sound, Polestar Tune.

Originally Posted by PC Diesel. Originally Posted by spray em. Took me bout 5. I'd been in there a few times, once with Kyle kmg-S60R and few times on my own so I already had a good base on what needed to be done. Most time on a single thing was removing the damned hose clamp Portabel harddisk snabb men dyr the turbo. The rest of the install was pretty easy, You just have to deal with the really tight space. Originally Posted by trav Ive done a TCV in 2 hours. I never really ran into any problems.

Im just wondering why this is so hard. The intake pipe is a bit of a PIA just because it is hard to get to the clamp that holds the stock pipe on to the turbo because there is so little space back there.

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I did plugs as well...

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