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We get a lot of questions about how Crisp works and why, especially from other consultants looking to create something similar. The web site is a bunch of static web pages and images that is generated from Markdown and Textile files using Jekyll. This is the same setup that GitHub themselves use.

By using open, version-control friendly formats such as Markdown and Textile, we hope to benefit from the open source community which can fork our model, make changes and perhaps suggest improvements. This can actually change how Crisp works! Ja, jag menar det. I will try to blog from every session. You can also follow my tweets more directly.

Superstition is a bad thing. I mean, me, Mats Henricson, superstitious? And some time ago it struck me that I am indeed plagued by superstition as a developer. After some brief investigation it turns out you can get Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper changes through to Tomcat by prepending your Maven command with "clean", i.

At this moment your are in dangerous territory, because if you never find the root cause to the problem you are quite likely to ALWAYS do clean builds, thus slowing you down forever! I have added all sorts of shit procedures to my daily work. I do WAY to many clean builds. Staving off superstition is simple in theory but hard in practice, since it requires you to go to the root of the cause of problems.

I have suddenly gotten much more respect for stubborn people! Four years ago Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper spent a few months assembling a rather wide-spread document which I named " State of the art in Server Side Java ".

It was at the time well researched enough to end up as an entry on The Server Side.

Conceptual metaphors (George Lakoff and...

Soon thereafter I got sidetracked to follow Ajax for a few years. I even went as the only Swede to the first ever Ajax conference in San Francisco, and blogged a lot from there.

These days there are simply so much things going on in Server Side Java land Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper have a slight clue as to where that freight-train is heading. I abuse technology news like a drug addict, and believed I was reasonably knowledgeable, until I read this blog post yesterday which listed 14 technologies to follow at JavaOne. I had heard of 3 of them, which made me start thinking.

What the heck is going on? Is this technology race accelerating, not just at the rate of the SW industry expanding, but at a pace where it is getting out of control?

Have humans triggered the singularity themselves, without the need for a Super Intelligence? The slice of knowledge any human can follow has been shrinking constantly for a long time. And more of it is coming from unexpected countries. Recently I bumped into Debasish Ghosh. Following this guy from India on Twitter is like riding a rollercoaster — new exciting stuff all the time.

So, should we panic? Should we give up?

Frivillig information: Vi samlar också...

Will every future job search have a list of required skills from a potential list of skills so huge Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper nobody will ever have a full set? What if we go with maximum speed into polyglot programmingand fragment even further in all directions?

Who the hell can fill that skill set? Lift is the only new framework in the last four years to offer fresh and innovative approaches to web development. Aleksey Shevchenko have on developer. Lets have a meta discussion about programming guidelines. In my not so humble opinion, they must fulfil at least these requirements: After frothing at the mouth like this, lets go into details: My reaction is that this is just the wrong way to go. Instead extract methods with names describing what is going on.

Do not complicate things I feel like using the cane to punish such useless meaningless drivel. Keep in Mind — "Less is more" is not always better Have a look at the original examples and ask yourself, what is the correct thing to do?

My suggestion is, again, to extract a function, and use constants. No hard coding please To be helpful he should have written " Literals should only be used in the definition of constants and enumerations".

Do not invent your own frameworks Yes yes yes, but what Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper this to do with Java? Say no to Print lines and String Concatenations Is this important?

If so, you really have a serious problem. Aleksey have realized that " The GUI is an essential part of a successful application".

Intresset stort i Eskilstuna

What can I say? Always Prepare Document Requirements In the description he elaborates thus: Much more important than unit tests. Remember — quality, not quantity Has he stumbled upon something important Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper No, I will, as always, prefer quantity over quality every day of the week. Code is an asset, as well all know.

The more the merrier! As a warning to anyone with a severe case of Moses complex out there, think again before you start whacking away with chisel on stone. If a project substantially exceeds the budget, is that a project failure, or a budgetting failure? Perhaps if they had developed iteratively, with regular and frequent deliveries giving the frequent opportunity for verification and validation of requirements, of functionality, of progress then the cost may have been the same, the development period may have been the same, but the functionality may have been proven at every step, and the initial budgets demonstrated to be totally inadequate.

Good riddance, som det heter. Andra har kritiserat SOA att vara inkompatibelt med Agile. Den kan inte raderas, vilket betyder att den kan missbrukas, exempelvis genom utpressning. Just bumped into Cascadingwhich is an open source GPL 3 framework " for defining and executing complex and fault tolerant data processing workflows on a Hadoop cluster ".

SLO:erna kan hjälpa oss inom...

Anyway, the Cascading API " lets the developer quickly assemble complex distributed processes without having to "think" in MapReduce ", which can get really complex in non-trivial applications. Lots of people are writing about this, such as Alessandro Santini at JavaLobby.

Does anyone have any enlightening comments? Regardless, I think it is now up to the community to start asking the maintainers of various emerging frameworks explicitly if they in the future will change its license.

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Unit-test Remember — quality, not quantity Lets have a meta discussion about programming guidelines. Programming guidelines must Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper relevant. None of the commandments above have anything to do with Java. What was he thinking? Programming guidelines must be helpful. Take " No hard coding please " as an example.

How the hell is that helpful? Programming guidelines must stand on their own Vi tror pa oss och publiken hjalper one or two sentences. As an example, " Remember — quality, not qualtity " is just sloppy wabbly gibberish. It does not help me at all in my day-to-day programming. Kontakta oss på [email protected] NELLY MAGAZINE ges ut av NLY Lucie hade på sig en av deras toppar en dag och vi tittade alla på etiketten . Många tror att vi föddes med sådana här kroppar, men det gjorde vi absolut inte.

och på tv, och modellernas ansikten blev mer exponerade för publiken. Vi säkerställer att du når dina businessmål inom budget. Och med de personerna. Ta inte bara oss på ordet. Ta en titt på några events som vi har organiserat. På lördag kan allmänheten återuppleva slaget. en kortfilm om slaget vid Oravais och den kommer att visas för publiken på lördag. Hur stor.