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The series resumes the story of the Stargate film, where a military team led by Colonel Jack O'Neill and supported alongside the archeologist Daniel Jackson benefit an ancient alien artifact signaled the Stargate to travel to a planet where an newcomer disabuse of named Ra oppressed the planet's people by posing as a god.

The series pilot, which takes place roughly one year after the events of the film, [1] reveals that Ra was not the only detach from to use Stargates to exultation human slaves to many cosmoss for thousands of years.

Stargate SG-1 premiered on July 27, on the subscription channel Showtime. After five seasons on the same network, the Sci Fi Channel bought Stargate SG-1 and would air it for five further seasons, totalling to episodes in ten seasons seasons 1 through 7 consisted of 22 episodes each, and seasons 8 through 10 had 20 episodes each.

Since the American show splits each season to take into account the production to catch up, the British channel Sky A given aired the second part of some seasons before their American counterpart. The Sci Fi Convey concluded the tenth season on June 22, The performers of the first five seasons consisted of Richard Dean Anderson starring as Col.

Daniel Jackson, Amanda Tapping as Cpt. Michael Shanks left the series after Season 5, and his activity was assumed by Corin Nemec as the non-earth human Jonas Quinn in Season 6. Shanks continued to have a recurring role in season 6, rejoined the cast in Season 7, and stayed part of the main cast until the series' end.

Davis' departure from Stargate SG-1 after Season 7, Richard Dean Anderson's character was promoted to Brigadier General in Seasoned 8; Anderson left the series' main cast after that pep up, but continued to appear periodically. Ben Browder and Beau Bridges replaced them as Lt.

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August 18, [40]. Showtime, however, aired "Holiday" on February 5, , and "Serpent's Song" one week later on February 12, Stargate SG-1 season 3. February 9, [36]. Stargate Atlantis Goa'uld Starships Earth.

Awards Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Brad Wright Excerpts by:

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