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Choosing to change schools just before year 9 was an easy choice due to the fantastic reputation and pillars that IES is built on. IES gave me a lot of tools to set high goals for my future. I was taught to set my goals high through the tough love that the teachers had at IES. High school was quite different compared to IES, but at the end I could still benefit from the tough love, the disciplin and the study techniques that I got from IES.

Although it has been 5 years since I graduated, I still think a lot about IES and how it helped me get to where I am today. It is always a joy to hear about the successes of our previus students. During the holiday the Ulricehamns Tidning, published a piece about a former student.

I chose IES for 9th grade because i wanted a more respectful and encouraging environment for studying, and that is exactly what I got. I had a great year at IES - brilliant teachers, lovely classmates and a safe environment where I felt respected and my opinion heard. Being well prepared to take on the challenge to study full-time in English.

After graduation i took a gap year, lived and worked in Germany and Ireland and travelled to Iceland. Now I am back in Sweden, studying Animal psychology and breaking in Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar horse, waiting for my Biology studies to start in autumn The plan is to do an Ecology master and go into research and later scientific writing. Its been three though years of lots of maths, science and new impressions.

It has been a roadtrip not Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar for the academical part of me, but mostly for who I really am. As a result of that, having me as a compere on several events, the school administration got an eye for me. They asked me to apply for it, and I did. We look forward to another exciting and productive school year.

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As in the past, our staff will continue to create a positive culture of learning where all students can experience academic, social and emotional success. We encourage all students to take pride in their work and embrace our commitment to "Do the Right Thing" which is our new school motto. We have some new additions to our staff.

Mr Sigudarson will also be in Junior School assisting as needed. There may also be some new students in your classes. Please do your best to welcome them and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. We are so proud of our IES students and we can't wait to start the school year with you! The IES Staff are here for all of our students and we really look forward to all Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar you filling the classrooms again!

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The year school year has now come to an end and our students are enjoying the first days of summer. The school building is empty and we are preparing it for the fall term.

We are already looking forward to the students coming back to fill the corridors with smiles and talk about their summer adventures. Our students receive above national average Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar in the national tests as well as make academic progress with us over time.

This is regardless of social or academic background. The latest Skolverket statistics show that municipal schools are more generous in grade setting than IES and other free schools in the subjects of Swedish and Mathematics.

A student achieving a C at national test and subsequently B at final grade level will have increased by 2. However, a student achieving an F in the national test and subsequently Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar E at final grade will have increased by 10 grade points. Many of our students at the time of the national tests will be on F-E borderline and some may fail. Our teachers work hard with these students up until the point of grading so many will eventually pass.

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The report also compares national tests "Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar" Mathematics with performance in other subjects such as Home Economics. These alternative conclusions are being used as an argument to ban for profit education providers.

We also perceive the current grading guidelines as being too open to interpretation. We therefore suggest that Skolverket create more structured guidelines and processes to secure a more correct and equitable grading system.

The national tests provide solid grounds for the assessment of student knowledge. We would like to see tests in more subjects and held more regularly. We also believe that such Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar should be corrected centrally.

We hope, and believe, that a serious and honest dialogue will take Sweden back to a top position within education. We can, and want to, be a part of the solution for the challenges the Swedish education system faces. We can achieve this by taking part in dialogue to generate common solutions, develop competent school leaders, open further schools and enable more children to attend our schools. Together, we need to solve the shortage of teachers. The greater solution lies in making the profession more attractive.

Here we would welcome taking part in a deeper discussion.

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All schools are now required to offer vacation school lovskola to students that are in grade 8 or 9 who are at risk of failing one or more subjects and are not meeting the requirements to get into a high school program. The requirements for a high school program are: Vacation school must be offered at a minimum of 50 hours and can take place during the fall break, the sport break, Easter break and summer vacation.

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Vacation school is not mandatory but if a student accepts a spot, attendance will be mandatory, and absences will be reported. I highly recommend parents to encourage students to work hard and attend study center for extra help during the school year. Vacation is a time to gather up new energy and focus on individual interests.

Vacation school, however, will be offered to 8th and 9th grade students that need the extra support to meet the requirements for high Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar. This spring term has been filled with academic challenging projects for students as well as fun filled activities. Teachers continue to assign homework to keep up the high academic expectations while finding a balance with student activities.

Overall, the school survey results were positive. It is important to point out that in general, students perceive they are offered challenging work and that there is peaceful and quiet environment to work in. We are finally done with all the National Tests and look forward to the upcoming planned lessons and end year events! Skip to main content.

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Hem Tagged with "From the Principal" Please use the link above and enjoy. Teddy graduated from IES What is he doing now?

Well, that is where I am right now. Please check School Soft for important dates and other information. Here Ropen pa hjalp maste tas pa allvar some important dates to keep in mind: First Day of School: August 22, Study Day: Week 44 Study Day: November 22, End of Fall Term: December 21, Beginning of Spring Term January 7, Happy summer!

Warm Regards, Maritza Molin Principal. Activities In the recent past weeks students have been involved in the following activities: Ms Ryan and Ms Grant went all out and had the most colorful and eye-catching outfits! Missnöjet måste tas på allvar, utan att uttrycken med nödvändighet bekräftas. Folk måste få prata, bli hörda och sedda – bli tagna på allvar. Politikerna måste tala . Lyssna på Dolce här: 3k9ipFvSip3ZDmFARdLAtk Kunde inte det här få vara ett rop på hjälp.

Dagarna gick. Ultra modern group workplaces ensure transparent work processes and options for open communication in the new building. In addition, the offices consist of. Guld- silver- och bronsmedaljörer på SM i dressyr: B-ponny:. Kritiken mot sporten måste tas på allvar Ökad försäljning med hjälp av Market.

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