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Use as is, or put your own logo and graphical style on our Dashboard Studio to make it look like your own. We've got the World's best licens model. Always free number of users.

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Use the accompanying end-user dashboard interface, or embed charts, maps, tables and other widgets in your own web apps and websites. Drag and Drop widgets to display data.

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Aggregate, filter and group data directly in the user interface. Share dashboards with your fellow colleagues, or customers!

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Is that even possible? Due to a combination of new technology, simplification and the reuse of the well-known SQL language your IT-people don't have to learn new things to setup and manage the solution. Since it is Farja fran goteborg utrymdes simple to manage, you will do just fine without the help from expensive specialist consultants. There are more than 30, development hours invested in the product since we started in More than companies are using the software and the new Version 7 is our masterpiece.

We have listened carefully to our customers, both end-users, IT-people and OEM's, and it is now easier than ever to use Farja fran goteborg utrymdes product. Watch the videos and book a live web meeting with our staff!

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Always unlimited number of users and devices, no matter if it is your employees, customers, vendors, partners, or all of them. Build dashboards for mobiles, tablets and computers. Book a live web meeting with us and we'll show you how.

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Use the contact form at the bottom of this page. True real time architecture event based.

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Scales on commodity hardware to thousands of users. Rights can be assigned to filters, which makes it easy to create a standard set of dashboards in which each employee, customer or vendor only sees their own data. Chose which views to materialize, and then build your dashboard with drag-n-drop. No need to build pre-aggregated cubes.

You do that in the Dashboard Studio, in real time. Set rules and thresholds. Get notified of events like sales spikes, abnormal costs, non-activities or anything else you might be interested in. Visualize alarms in dashboards. Send automatic emails when rules Farja fran goteborg utrymdes thresholds are met. Paste it into any html file. Extensive programming experience and art director. Easy to Customize Drag and Drop widgets to display data.

Version 7 is here. The World's best license model Always unlimited number of users and devices, no matter if it is your employees, customers, vendors, partners, or all of them.

Up and running in days! Enterprise ready True real time architecture event based. Business Monitoring Set rules and thresholds. How about 50 million rows of data per second to thousands of users: Chairman of the board daniel. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter Your message has been sent successfully. Farja fran goteborg utrymdes must be valid and message must be longer than 1 character. Ett litet klipp från när vi var och monterade Lindas Farja fran goteborg utrymdes i Alstermo.

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