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Robie is a self-taught artist who loves sharing what she's learned about art and painting in the hope that it might help other creatives. Of course, there are techniques for how to make your idea into a piece of art. We will discuss those further on, including:. Do you want to learn how to paint with acrylics? I've compiled a list of the seven things you'll need to get started with more detail further on: Get the Inga barn borde do av usel vard quality paint you can afford.

Aim for artist quality, not student quality. The student quality hues have more fillers and respond less efficiently to color and media mixing. To begin with a very limited palette, you can buy single tubes and make your own primary color combination.

If you want a pre-made set, the Liquitex 4-Color Mixing set has a good choice of tubes: Black can always be obtained by mixing the three primary colors together.

If you use phthalo blue or green, be aware that they are very strong pigments. A small amount goes a long way. Learn to check the pigments listed on the tubes. You'll see that several colors have phthalo inside, like Windsor blue and other blues. That makes them pretty strong in color mixes. My first acrylic paint set had phthalo green and Windsor blue in it, and it really messed me up.

But that was my fault, because I did not know how to handle them.

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I got scared of anything phthalo and avoided it for many years, but eventually, I grew to love it. I learned that, when used in small quantities, it's an amazingly flexible pigment, very useful in many color mixes. However, I don't use it pure, right out of the tube. A rule of thumb for brushes is to use big brushes for big areas and loose painting styles and to use small brushes for small areas and details.

That's why it's important to have a variety of sizes. Acrylic paint works on many kinds of surfaces, including canvas, paper, or board. A canvas primed for oil painting is not suitable. Your palette is the surface on which you mix your paint. You can use any flat, tray-like object made of plastic or other water-proof material.

Get a big jug of water to rinse the brushes when you switch from one color to another. Better yet, you should have two containers of water: These come in very handy to dab brushes after rinsing, correct mistakes, and keep your hands clean. This helps a lot with perspective and proportions. To keep your Inga barn borde do av usel vard or board inclined, you can use a stand-up easel or a tabletop one.

Easels come in different shapes and prices. The student grade supplies are cheaper, but they can make your work harder. Cheap canvasses don't seem to grip the paint as well as more expensive ones.

The quality of the materials you use is crucial, especially the paint. There are student quality canvasses, brushes, and paints and professional ones available as well. Student quality has a smaller percentage of pigment in the acrylic binder and fillers. The paint behaves in a less efficient and more challenging way. When in doubt, go for the professional quality. Otherwise, you may waste time and energy to obtain the results you want.

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The rule of thumb is this: Get the best tools you can afford. For paint, Golden is a great brand and so is Liquitex. Pay attention to the labels and avoid paints that say "student" or "studio". Go for "artist" quality. There is no substitute for practice. The more acquainted you are with the acrylic medium Once you've gathered your painting supplies, it's time to find a well-lit area. The old masters like Leonardo and Botticelli set up their studio in a room with tall "Inga barn borde do av usel vard" that would get northern light because it's less direct, remains pretty stable throughout the day, and does not alter colors with its warmth or hue.

This is to avoid disturbing reflections on the painting surface and having your shadow cast on the painting surface. What do you want to paint? What are you trying to represent? Before you get started, decide what you are trying to represent in your painting and plan the composition of your painting around it.

You can alter sizes, positions, and colors of things to suit your artistic goal.

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You can edit some of the trees out, add some others, and move a home or a bridge to make your composition more balanced. In fact, if you do use a photograph, use it for reference only, don't copy it. Make a sketch of the elements and shapes that you like, but then put the photo away. Then feel free to rearrange the figures and create your own composition for your painting. The best painters don't necessarily choose complicated subjects to paint. One of the most difficult things to paint, for example, is a portrait of a person.

But think about all of the beautiful paintings you've seen or seen pictures of that are of much simpler subjects. These subjects will offer plenty of challenges for a beginning painter while keeping allowing Inga barn borde do av usel vard to keep your painting simple.

The temptation to start painting right away is huge, but if you jump right into the drawing and painting on your canvas, you may find yourself stuck with a weak painting that needs improvement and you don't know how to "save" it.

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In many cases, this is a sign of poor composition and value structure. Before you jump into your painting, make some preliminary sketches to use as a reference. The rule of thirds can help you decide how to plan the layout of your painting and where to place your focal point.

You can paint different colors from what you see in order to stick with a specific color scheme. Some planning using value sketches can make a huge difference. The quick drying time and incredible flexibility of acrylics allow for 'almost' foolproof experimentation. I used to draw first and then apply a tinted background for my painting.

The problem with that is that the paint smudges your drawing and it can make details hard to see. You can pick any ground color that complements your composition. When in doubt, I usually paint a diluted base of yellow ochre on the whole canvas.

When you are happy with your Inga barn borde do av usel vard, fill the rough shape of the focal point of your painting with the middle value for that object. Then move to another object or shape adjacent your focal point and paint its rough shape with the middle value. Keep working around the whole composition blocking in all the shapes and objects.

Here's some guidance on different brushstroke options to help you. Once you have blocked off all the shapes in your composition, step back and take a "Inga barn borde do av usel vard." Does it make sense?

Did you choose good colors for each object? Then go back and make any needed changes to the colors.

You can whip up a...

When you are happy with the colors, it is time to start filling in more details: Start with the lighter values then move to the darker ones. Shadows should be of a cooler color than the rest of the object. Shadows are never black. The last thing you need to do is to add the highlights.

Step back often and look at your painting from a distance. This will help you see the "Inga barn borde do av usel vard" your painting is going and evaluate the values and areas that need tweaking or improvement. Throughout the process, keep your focal point in mind.

What were you trying to achieve? Does it come through to the viewer? The goal should not be to represent something, but to tell a storyto convey feelings.

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It might help to write it down and keep it in front of you. One of the main challenges for beginner artists is that the painting does not come out looking like what you had in your head.

How our imagination envisions the final piece is often very different from the results on canvas. It takes a lot of practice to be able to plan to know exactly how to render a certain effect. I like to keep my acrylics wet by spraying them with water as soon as I squeeze them out. Creating a moisturizing film on top prevents the blobs of paint from drying.

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Well written and too the point! Thanks deepthiveera for your nice comment! Robie, I started discovering an ability to paint with Paint Nite. Painting Support Acrylic paint works on many kinds of surfaces, including canvas, paper, or board.

It turned out to be Staph infection. Hi Inga, that's right , getting the painting supplies is only the beginning, then there is the "and now what?

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  1. Robie is a self-taught artist who loves sharing what she's learned about art and painting in the hope that it might help other creatives.

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