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Om klassificering av narkotika. There are few places on earth that can be considered 'remote' anymore. Long-distance travel that used to take weeks or months is now just a few hours Bandidosledare kraver skadestand by airplane.

The world is industrialising at an ever increasing rate. Tokyo or Mexico city will no longer be the exception, many of these huge conglomerations will be in the developing world. Historically mass migrations from the countryside to cities have resulted in the creation of slum areas, social deprivation and environmental damage.

Television and radio programmes can reach people even when roads cannot. In fact they regularly used to pass health education messages to rural groups. Mobile phones, once the fashion accessory of the business elite, have become everyday tools to link communities. No everyone has benefited equally from globalization.

The emergence of transnational corporations that dominate global markets have resulted in startling inequalities. Of the world's largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries. Three quarters of the world's top corporations are based in industrialized countries. They account for more than one quarter of global economic activity while employing less than one percent Bandidosledare kraver skadestand its workforce.

Those same corporations have annual sales of 18 times the size of the combined annual income of the 1. Communities that live in areas where illicit drugs are grown or sourced also suffer harm from global drug abuse because their social, political and economic development is hampered by the drug trade.

Drug trafficking impacts Bandidosledare kraver skadestand heavily on some of the world's poorest communities, undermining efforts to support their positive development and destroying local cultures.

This is the environment and the realities we have to face when we talk about drug abuse prevention. Human beings cannot exist in isolation. We live together in families, social networks and communities.

We invest in each other and our relationships, we value and maintain our connections. In order to have our needs met, we rely on each other for love, affection, support, care and understanding.

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Our society is therefore based on complex interactions and dependencies. Drugs distort an individual's decision-making process, limiting the ability to care for oneself or others. Drug abuse overrides or replaces healthy social interaction, undermining the fundamental relationships within society.

All aspects of drugs result Bandidosledare kraver skadestand widespread harm - from cultivation, production, transport, distribution and consumption.

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Drug prevention work has a strong interaction with other drugs, above all alcohol and tobacco. Use of different drugs often occur together, with shared mechanisms of dependence and the resulting harm often comes from combined misuse "Bandidosledare kraver skadestand" several substances. People who die from overdose often have large quantities of alcohol and legal drugs in the blood. It is therefore very important that prevention is not directed towards one group of substances but involves joint action against alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and doping.

Inthe world's first global treaty on health was signed. The most important feature of the FCTC is that it covers all aspects of tobacco, ranging from health Bandidosledare kraver skadestand on the packets to the advertising, promotion and sponsorship activities of tobacco companies. In addition, the treaty sets out measures to control the sale of cigarettes to minors and tackle smuggling. Attention is also given to supporting farmers to diversify their crops and to find other ways of Bandidosledare kraver skadestand a living than growing tobacco.

Basically, the treaty covers the whole cycle of tobacco from the plant to the end product. It is the foundation of a global commitment to a comprehensive strategy to combat tobacco. It links together elements of supply and demand. As you can imagine, finding a balance between all the competing interests of the countries was a real challenge. The World Bandidosledare kraver skadestand Organisation maintained a strong political commitment and complete focus during all of the slow and sometimes painful negotiations.

To support the WHO, the health community united around the process. A special coalition of NGOs shadowed the negotiations, keeping up the pressure on the governments and monitoring and exposing attempts by the tobacco industry to infiltrate national delegations Bandidosledare kraver skadestand influence the debate.

They build stronger and more resilient societies, upholding the key of cooperation, solidarity, human rights, justice, "Bandidosledare kraver skadestand" equality of opportunity. NGOs give communities a voice, particularly those without political or economic power which suffer disproportionately from global drug abuse. Like-minded NGOs and community groups need therefore to work together to counteract pressure to liberalise drug policy.

Policy makers at all levels need an awareness of the harm of drug abuse. NGOs have an important role to play in this matter. First of all, many of us share similar fundamental values and are all committed Bandidosledare kraver skadestand working towards the same aim. We also enjoy significant levels of public trust and confidence. A number of surveys have consistently shown that NGOs are considered more trustworthy, more so than governments or industry. NGOs have the capacity to work together in a collaborative way.

By sharing information, idea, advocacy tactics we can move the global agenda forward. Globalisation can also work in our favour. We can influence the political, social and economic environments internationally. We can hold governments accountable for their policy decisions at home and abroad. The strength of the international drug control system is its universality, with all governments solidly behind the United Nations drug conventions.

But drug policies are too important to be left to drug experts and to governments alone. It is a society-wide responsibility that requires society-wide engagement. This means working with children, starting from parents and teachers, to ensure that they develop self-esteem.

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This means to support family-based programmes, because prevention begins at home. And those that do suffer the misery of addiction can be brought back into society.

This is the true meaning of harm reduction which goes far beyond its usual narrow definition. Human rights are incompatible "Bandidosledare kraver skadestand" drug abuse. All individuals have the right to a life that is not harmed by drugs. Policy makers need to to defend and protect this right. The rights and interests of drug users are not servd by supporting the continuation of drug abuse.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are phenomena that affect every geographic region in the world and no country can tackle these problems alone. To have any impact, there Bandidosledare kraver skadestand to be a consistent approach to these products and this means creating strong coalitions hat can help governments to find the political will to act.

AS NGOs we share a common responsibility to take this initiative and this conference, The World Forum Against Drugs, further and strengthen and build further on this effort.

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Good afternoon Bandidosledare kraver skadestand and gentlemen! I want to extend my congratulations to the conveners of this excellent conference. And the terrific speakers who have provided valuable contributions are to be commended. It has been very refreshing to see so many of my long-time and my newly found colleagues here participating in this important event. And it has been great to meet many new people. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences and to learn new information.

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I think we can all agree that drugs are a problem. Today we are faced with new and more powerful drugs as well as a society that has, in many countries, become too tolerant of them.

As David Evans mentioned, In the United States, there is a very large and very well financed movement to normalize and legalize drug use and drug trafficking.

Much of that movement is funded by a name that many of you know - George Soros, a convicted criminal who has publicly labeled himself as an atheist and yet has claimed that he is God Soros is about power and fame. His philosophy Bandidosledare kraver skadestand to destroy societies that he does not like and then recreate them using his "open society" model. He destroys by creating chaos. And what better way to create chaos in society than to have a "Bandidosledare kraver skadestand" population that dominates.

To have societies with drug-friendly laws and policies will certainly contribute to creating this chaos. As in some other countries, Mr. Soros seeks to destroy our political system in the US and to create chaos in our judicial and law enforcement systems and even in our military. He has contributed millions to the drug legalization movement as well as bought many of our politicians.

When legislative bills are moving through state legislatures or congressional bills through the US Congress that are pro-drug, anti-treatment, anti-law enforcement, or anti-prevention, we almost always discover that the bills are sponsored by politicians who have taken money from Soros.

This is factual and can be confirmed by checking public records of campaign finance. Likewise, when voter initiatives appear on state and local ballots in the US to alter our drug laws towards a more permissive practice, such as legalizing marijuana as a so-called medicine, funding needle giveaway programs, prohibiting judges from sending drug dealers to jail, or legalizing drugs, these initiatives are always funded by Mr.

Just Bandidosledare kraver skadestand the beginning ofwe have seen an extraordinary increase in drug legalization efforts and activities in the US. During this short time period, no less than 91 different pieces of pro-legalization voter initiatives and legislation have been filed in 26 states and a number of cities across the nation.

This year, we have also been confronted with two federal bills: For those of you who do not know - 3. The good news is that, thanks to hard work of many committed individuals and much collaborative work, only 6 of Bandidosledare kraver skadestand 91 proposed actions ultimately were approved and 4 of those will most likely not be able to be implemented.

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This tells me two very important things: Clearlywe are under attack. And this attack is not limited to the borders of the United States as has clearly been demonstrated from the presentations of others here at this conference.

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