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OJ C Internationella atomenergiorganets IAEA Centrumet drivs av EU: Europeiska kommissionen och EU: Den intensiva samordningen av EU: Programmet finansieras genom instrumentet som bidrar till stabilitet och fred. The contribution provides support for the safe and secure operation and management of the IAEA LEU Bank by ensuring high levels of security and safety during transport and storage, in line with the IAEA safety standards and security guidance documents.

It provides support for:. Estimated duration of the action: The projects aim to:. Duration of the action: Support the Hague Code of Conduct against ballistic missile proliferation and the Missile Technology Control Regime, in particular with the aim to:. More generally, to support a range of activities to fight against the proliferation of ballistic missiles, aimed notably at raising awareness of this threat, stepping up efforts to increase the effectiveness of multilateral "Sas stod diskuteras med eu," building up support to initiatives to address these specific challenges and helping interested countries to reinforce nationally their relevant export control regimes.

The Council Decision continued the support to the Consortium of think-tanks. It built on the achievements and experiences since New tasks were added, among which:.

The project under the Council Decision provided situation-awareness products: The overall objective was to support the implementation Sas stod diskuteras med eu the BTWC focusing on the safety and security of microbial or other biological agents or toxins in laboratories and other facilities, including during transportation and to promote bio-risk reduction practices and awareness, including biosafety, biosecurity, bioethics and preparedness against intentional misuse of biological agents and toxins.

The overall aim was to support the IAEA activities in the areas of nuclear security and verification to:. The objective of this network of independent non-proliferation think tanks was to encourage political and security-related dialogue and the long-term discussion of measures to combat the WMD proliferation and their delivery systems within civil "Sas stod diskuteras med eu," and among experts, researchers and academics. The support for the network focused on:. The projects in support of the implementation of UNSCR were six workshops aiming at enhancing the capacity of export-control officials in six sub regions: The workshops were tailored for border, customs and regulatory officials and contained the main elements of an export control process including applicable laws including national and international legal aspectsregulatory controls including licensing provisions, end-user verification and awareness-raising programmes and enforcement including commodity identification, risk-assessment and detection methods.

The overall objective was to support the implementation of the BTWC, in particular those aspects that relate to the safety and security of microbial or other biological agents and toxins in laboratories and other facilities, including during transportation as appropriate, to prevent unauthorised access to and removal of such agents and toxins.

The contribution aimed to:. The contribution also promoted international cooperation in the field of chemical activities, as accompanying measures to the implementation of the CWC and provided support for the creation of a collaborative framework among the chemical industry, OPCW and national authorities on the 10th anniversary of the OPCW.

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The objective was to assist the Sas stod diskuteras med eu Federation in destroying some of its chemical weapons as required "Sas stod diskuteras med eu" the CWC. The objective was to strengthen nuclear security in selected countries focusing on:.

The contribution also helped foster international cooperation. The objective was to: The objective was to reinforce the physical protection of nuclear sites in Russia to reduce the risk of theft of nuclear fissile material and of sabotage by improving the physical protection at the Bochvar Institute of the Russian Federal Agency for Atomic Energy formerly MINATOM.

The Federal Republic of Germany. The International Atomic Energy Agency. The Joint Action financed a unit of experts under the cooperation programme for non-proliferation and disarmament in the Russian Federation. Strengthening the national legal framework and provision of specialized training on bio-safety and bio-security in Central Asia. To supply equipment for detection of NRM at border check points as it was identified in the previous phase of the activity financed by Tacis Nuclear Safety programme, contributing thus to reduce nuclear and radiation terrorism threat.

To support the development of the legal framework and institutional capacities for the establishment and enforcement of effective export controls on dual-use items, including measures for regional cooperation with a view of contributing to the fight against the proliferation of WMD and related materials, equipment and technologies.

Strengthening bio-safety and bio-security capabilities in Central Asian countries. Combating illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials in selected FSU and Mediterranean Basin countries and preparation of border management activities in the ASEAN region.

To reduce the threat of nuclear and radiation terrorism.

For this purpose the assistance will be provided to the partner countries in the improvement of the technical and organisational measures for detection of nuclear and radioactive materials NRM illicit trafficking. To enhance the effectiveness of export control of dual use items in the Russian Federation, with a view to contribute to the fight against the proliferation of WMD the specific objectives will be achieved through information exchange with EU exporters, support industry and researchers for awareness raising, organisation of seminars for exporters in the regions of the Russian Federation.

To set up a mechanism contributing to strengthen the long-term national and regional capabilities of responsible authorities and to develop a durable cooperation legacy in the fight against the CBRN threat. Redirection of former Iraqi WMD scientists through capacity building for decommissioning of nuclear facilities, including site and radioactive waste management. To assist Iraq with redirection of scientists and engineers possessing WMD-related skills and dual-use knowledge through their engagement in a comprehensive decommissioning, dismantling and decontamination of nuclear facilities.

To contribute to full implementation of the BTWC Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Sas stod diskuteras med eu Ukraine, which includes the prevention of illicit access to pathogens by terrorists and other criminals. Strengthening bio-safety and bio-security capabilities in South Caucasus and in Central Asian Countries. To counteract nuclear and radiation terrorism threat for these purposes the assistance should be provided to Ukraine in the improvement of the technical and organisational measures for detection of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials NRM illicit trafficking, including training and Sas stod diskuteras med eu of an expert network.

To reinforce inter-agency coordination to respond to CBRN incidents this includes defining standard operational procedures in response to such incidents, e. Building capacity to identify and respond to threats from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances. The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows: The main aim of this assignment is to link actively technical expertise, management initiative, elements of diplomacy and of cultural sensitiveness to enhance the establishment and performance of the CoE initiative.

By implementing modern and judicious governance approaches, it will in particular support capacity building and management with the right sense of ownership among actors and stakeholders at national, regional and overall levels, and correctly adapt the initiative to the challenges of CBRN risk mitigation. The initiative also aims at enhancing the visibility, acceptance and support among the EU stakeholders, both at EU and MS levels.

To share the bio-risk management program developed in Thailand with the participating countries in the project. Development of a methodology for RN materials detection, management and protection of the public. Sas stod diskuteras med eu develop and manage a system for the detection of RN material from sensors located in a variety of locations Sas stod diskuteras med eu as borders, critical infrastructure, ports, airports, etc.

To develop and transfer knowledge concerning best practice on bio-safety, bio-security and bio-risk management in this region. To strengthen the export control systems of partner countries, with a strong link with the Regional Centres of Excellence activities, by aligning them to the standard of the international export control regimes and treaties and therefore meeting the requirements of the UNSCR To support countries with improving national policies and ensuring international cooperation in the area of CBRN risk mitigation through the implementation of a Needs Assessment methodology for the Regional Secretariats and the partner countries.

To supply radiation detecting equipment to the various entities border guards, custom services from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines. To enhance health security in the Mediterranean region by supporting capacity building for prevention and control of natural or man-made threats to health posed by communicable diseases through the start-up of a "Sas stod diskuteras med eu" Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training MediPIET.

To counteract nuclear and radiation terrorism threat for this purposes, the assistance should be provided to the identified countries in the improvement of the technical and organisational measures for detection of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials NRM illicit trafficking, including training and establishment of an expert network. The overall objective is the enhancement of the RN security situation in the countries of concern with a spin-off towards chemical detection under P Such concern needs to be addressed in a systematic manner and with interventions at quite a few different levels.

Network of universities and institutes for raising awareness on dual-use concerns of chemical materials. The overall Sas stod diskuteras med eu of the project is to reinforce inter-interagency coordination to respond to CBRN incidents.

This includes defining standard operational procedures in response to such incidents, e. To support IAEA in constructing and outfitting the chemistry and instrumentation laboratories of the new Sas stod diskuteras med eu Safeguards Analytical Services NML for the analysis of nuclear material according to the latest standards assuring safety and Sas stod diskuteras med eu quality.

The CBRN emergency response needs to be identified and prioritised per country. Comprehensive technology solutions for detection, protection, decontamination, mitigation, containment and disposal should also be elaborated. CBRN incidents require full utilization of national resources to respond to and mitigate the consequences of such emergencies. The main responsibility in cases of CBRN emergencies falls upon first responders. It is therefore essential that countries build upon their national resources to mitigate and respond to the consequences of an emergency situation.

Best-practices should thus be exchanged amongst these first responders at MIE regional level and CBRN risk mitigation knowledge developed. To increase health security globally by providing technical guidance and tools, information and Sas stod diskuteras med eu sharing, international collaboration and assisting countries in enhancing and strengthening capacities for prevention, detection, control and response to public health events related to activities at points of entry and international travel and transport, in a multi-sectoral approach, to minimize risks in association with natural or deliberate released hazards.

This includes the review of regulations and technical training on detection and sampling. Complementary actions for project: The global overall scope of work is to pursue international efforts in counteracting the threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism. This project aims at supporting the development of an integrated regional nuclear safety and security systems. This will be achieved by assessing the adoption of laws and regulation in the field in order comply with international related standards for improving the security and safety of radioactive sources Sas stod diskuteras med eu encouraging the establishment of storage facilities and completion of inventories, disseminate best practices for the development of a national response plan in the participating countries.

These activities are carried out under a well-coordinated approach with other donors in the region, in order not to duplicate existing efforts. This project aims to deepen support measures to improve dual use export control systems in third countries taking specific geopolitical challenges into account.

The following beneficiary countries are eligible under this project: Regional activities may include all beneficiary countries in the region. To provide support for organising conferences and meetings in partner countries in order to enhance the inter-agency cooperation that will contribute to mitigating the risks and threats associated with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear CBRN materials and facilities.

To strengthen regional capabilities in the area of CBRN risk mitigation. It is expected that the project will promote better cooperation and coordination of countries on CBRN risk mitigation at regional and international levels the set-up of the Regional Secretariats is meant to provide the missing infrastructure at regional level to facilitate sharing of information and experience among partner countries.

To minimize potential biological risks through enhancement of laboratory biosafety, biosecurity, quality management and diagnostic capacity. Support the development of nationally-owned laboratory policies, strategies norms and regulations Specific objective 2: Engage institutional and individual capacity building efforts through implementation of appropriate tools, methodologies and training activities Specific objective 3: Enhance the ability of Member States to safely and rapidly detect and respond to natural or deliberate events of national and international concern according to the IHR through support to laboratory networks.

To contribute to the overall objective of enhancing health security in the Mediterranean region by supporting capacity building for prevention and control of natural or man-made health threats posed by communicable diseases through the further roll-out of the Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training MediPIET. Contribute to the creation, consolidation or updating the effective export control systems for dual use items in partner countries by continuing to offer them a long-term perspective for cooperation.

Support the development of a structured, integrated and sustainable collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture in Pakistan for improved risk assessments and detection, prevention and control of the spread of emerging zoonotic diseases.

Capacity building for medical preparedness and response to CBRN incidents. Towards the consolidation of the regional secretariats. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Would you like to keep them? par av texterna diskuteras individer som trots sina olikheter ändå delar en form av outsidertillvaro .

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