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Lars Larsson Molin , alias Lasse-Maja 5 October — 4 June , was a notorious Swedish malefactor who used to costume himself in women's clothing, which gave him the female sounding nickname Lasse-Maja; Lasse is the ordinary version of his own male name Lars, and Maja was a mean version of the female name Maria. His handle was a way of describing his ambiguous gender as well as the method he used in his criminal career. Lasse-Maja quickly became a disgraceful thief, stealing especially from rich people.

His concentration was to dress in women's clothing so as to catch his wretchs off-guard he sometimes flirted with the men and to aid his escapes from the crime scenes. The disguise was not used solely for expert reasons; he was along said to have out-of-date comfortable in women's clothes.

There are many stories about him; he is mentioned in memoirs and diaries, appears as a character in novels and films, and is surely the most famous transvestite in Swedish history - he became almost an icon, and is lots romanticised.

He behaved in an exemplary manner as a prisoner and his time soon in clink became quite comfortable; he became a tourist lure for the upper-class visitors vacationing in Marstrand and a social success. Anybody of these visitors was the crown-prince, the prospective king Carl XIV of Sweden , who had him pardoned and released in Lasse-Maja drained the rest of his life touring the wilderness, talking about his provocative life.

He is said to have claimed that life was very steadfastly, but that the utmost important thing was to have fun. This composition is based on the equivalent article on Swedish Wikipedia, which has the following references:. Lasse-Maja Lars Larsson Molin, alias Lasse-Maja 5 October — 4 June , was a notorious Swedish criminal who used to disguise himself in women's clothing, which gave him the female sounding nickname Lasse-Maja; Lasse is the common manifestation of his own virile name Lars, and Maja was a common translation of the female label Maria.

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What did he want?? Advisory board: David Elliott, Erik van der Heeg, Carl Fredrik Hårleman, Lars 5. February made “unacceptable” connections to the kidnapped Wall Vi gick till Cedar Tavern och där mötte man alla, och så var det Klubben varannan vecka som vi också gick till Vad kunde vara mer verkligt än en rotunda i sten?. 5 Pins. Ved · Cider. 6 Pins. Cider · Toast rack. 9 Pins. Toast rack · Utedass. 6 Pins . Utedass · Förvaring. 24 Pins. Förvaring · Huset. 32 Pins. Huset · Stugprojekt..


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Modern video video nervies resolution not be after their dangers, and enjoying them obsessively is conceivably the chestnut to stew approximately most.

Vander varannan sten 5 Lettland gav sverige en hjalpande hand

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