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Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur


Forum Players, organisations, and events of deep politics Wallenberg Family. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Wallenberg Family Wallenberg family The Wallenberg family known as The Wallenbergs or simply Wallenbergs is a prominent Swedish banking family, renowned as bankers, industrialists, politicians, diplomats and philanthropists. Between July and Decemberhe issued protective passports and housed Jews, saving tens of thousands of Jewish lives.

Their son, Jakob Persson Wallberg — had two marriages. In his first marriage the children called themselves Wallberg, and in his second Wallenberg. Like many other Wallenberg relatives, Knut Agathon Wallenberg was also Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur in Swedish politics and diplomacy becoming Minister for Foreign Affairs —, and member of the Riksdags first chamber Parliament of Sweden — Ina new legislation made it more difficult for banks to own shares in industrial companies on a long-term basis.

Investor was formed as an investment part of Stockholms Enskilda Bank. Knut Agathon Wallenberg's younger brother Marcus Wallenberg senior Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur on the tradition and took over as the bank's CEO inreplacing his older brother who was appointed Stockholms Enskilda Bank chairman of the board. Marcus Wallenberg senior was appointed Stockholms Enskilda Bank chairman of the board.

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After a power struggle between Jacob Wallenberg and his younger brother Marcus Wallenberg juniorJacob Wallenberg resigned from the board of directors in The Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur opened a seat on the bank's board of directors to Peter Wallenberg senioryounger son of Marcus Wallenberg junior.

Marcus Wallenberg junior Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur through a merger agreement between Stockholms Enskilda Bank and rival Skandinaviska Banken in Soon after, tragedy struck when Marc Wallenberg committed suicide. Observers suggested that the act came possibly because Marc Wallenberg felt himself inadequate to the task of leading what was to become the Scandinavian banking giant Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken.

The merger went through in Marcus Wallenberg juniorand younger son Peter Wallenberg seniorfocused their interests on the family's investment companies, Investor Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur Providentia.

Investor now became the family's new flagship business, and, under Marcus Wallenberg juniors leadership began actively promoting the restructuring of most of the industrial companies under its control, replacing board members and promoting younger CEO and other management.

Peter Wallenberg senior took over after Marcus Wallenberg junior's death in For many outsiders, the change in leadership marked a final moment in the family's more than year dominance of the Swedish banking and industrial sectors. Yet Peter Wallenberg senior rose to the challenge, guiding Investor and Sweden's industry into a new era. Init was estimated that the family indirectly controlled one-third of the Swedish Gross National Product.

InThe fifth generation took over the Wallenberg sphere. The Wallenberg family has occasionally been criticized for its nepotismnotably when it was disclosed that Peter Wallenberg senior was given a retirement salary of 16 MSEK EUR 1,6 million per year from Ericssonin spite of never having been employed by the company.

Notable family members Jacob Wallenberg —sailor, clergyman and author. Raoul Oscar Wallenberg —son of Gustaf Wallenberg, naval officer. Jacob Wallenberg "Juju" —son of Marcus Wallenberg seniornaval officer, banker, industrialist.

Marcus Wallenberg junior "Dodde" —son of Marcus Wallenberg seniorbanker and industrialist. Carol Wallenberg —son of Oscar Wallenberg, businessman. Gustaf Wally —son of Axel Wallenberg, dancer, actor and theatre manager.

Henry Wallenberg —son of Victor Wallenberg, consul general in Monaco. Peter Wallenberg Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur "Pirre" —son of Marcus "Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur" juniorbanker and industrialist.

Current patriarch of the Wallenberg family. Peder Sager Wallenberg —son of Jacob Wallenberg, architect, businessman. Jacob Wallenberg —son of Peter Wallenberg seniorbanker and industrialist.

Marcus Wallenberg "Husky" —son of Marc Wallenberg, banker and industrialist. Axel Wallenberg "Wawa" —son of Marc Wallenberg, businessman. Peter Wallenberg junior "Poker" —son of Peter Wallenberg seniorbusinessman. The family motto is "Esse non Videri" Latin for, "To be, not to be seen". Archived from the original on 7 February Retrieved 12 February The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.

Wallenberg family tree http: However, the so-called Eliasson Commission Report fromin a withering critique of the work on the Russian side of the Swedish-Russian Working Group, strongly rejects this notion and stops just short of accusing Russian officials of stonewalling.

According to the Eliasson Commission and in the assessment of most Wallenberg experts it has become increasingly clear that Russia holds important records which for one reason or another were not made available to the Swedish-Russian Working Group.

If these and other interrogation records indeed exist [and there is strong indirect evidence that they do] they were never shared with Swedish representatives.

This comes Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur no surprise. Through the years Sweden has taken a very narrow, very hesitant approach to the Wallenberg question and the work of the Swedish-Russian Working Group was no exception.

Part of this is the eternal problem of balancing principled action with the real life demands of the political world. Over the years, Swedish neutrality kept Russia in check and ensured clandestine American strategic support.

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Sweden reciprocated by providing the U. Espionage conducted under the guise of normal economic relations is of course as old as the world. However, the use of economics as a tool of wider political and Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur considerations and its effects on the handling of political issues such as the Wallenberg question, deserves to be more fully examined; meaning in particular the pursuit of Swedish economic interests, and, by extension, U.

In the Wallenberg case these matters gain additional relevance due to the dominant role the Wallenberg family Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur occupied in Swedish economic and political life. Documentation in the Swedish Foreign Ministry archive indicates that businesses owned by the Wallenbergs provided cover for industrial and military espionage in Eastern Europe in the post war years; activities that were sanctioned and actively supported by the Swedish government.

The Russians certainly had reasons to be suspicious of Sweden: Swedish businesses obtained huge profits in German occupied areas of Russia by facilitating large volume currency transactions and precisely at the time when Raoul Wallenberg was saving the Jews of Budapest, the Wallenberg owned firm SKF handed over its entire inventory of ballbearings to the German Nazi authorities in Hungary. Perhaps most importantly, the Wallenberg brothers were heavily involved in various separate peace initiatives between Germany and the Allies, many of which were at least in part fuelled by the wish to open a joint front against Russian Communism.

Since at least Swedish Intelligence had as its major focus collection of news about Russia. On the other hand, the Russians also had a lot to be grateful for: In a secret deal, Wallenberg business provided them with essential steel and ballbearings in exchange for platinum.

It is not known what other deals might have been struck because the relevant documents remain completely inaccessible in Russian Intelligence archives.

Most of these remain little known and some of the individuals involved may remain unaccounted for. Establishing their full identity and formal tracking where and when these men were encountered, on the other hand, would have made the evaluation of witness testimonies and with that the whole Raoul Wallenberg inquiry much more efficient.

Instead, confusion was allowed to reign. The Swedish government to date has "Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur" made a comprehensive list of all Swedish nationals or of individuals working on official assignment for the Swedish state missing in the Soviet Union available to researchers. In light of these realities that are slowly emerging, Swedish hesitancy may become more understandable.

This assessment is clearly incomplete and only partially valid. This would have rendered any active Wallenberg family support of Raoul Wallenberg difficult, to say the least. But there are also indications that the Wallenbergs simultaneously managed to keep their options open with the Russians: In their book Business at any Price: Other new information and questions have recently emerged which deserve follow-up: It is not known what came of Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur foray and why none of these efforts were apparently coordinated with the Swedish Foreign Office.

That it was Jacob Wallenberg who took this initiative is noteworthy. There are reports that Raoul Wallenberg was closer to the Wallenberg family than previously known and that he may have worked for Jacob in some type of capacity before going to Budapest, including possibly traveling to Estonia on Wallenberg family business in the s.

It also appears that in the aftermath of the Bosch affair relations between Marcus and Jacob were so strained that the two were barely on speaking terms. Did these differences of opinion also extend to the question of how to search for Raoul Wallenberg?

As for the Swedish government, one is left to wonder why Sweden has never effectively reached out to the international community for help in the Wallenberg question. It did not do so in the beginning of the case, nor does it do so now. Instead, Sweden has made it clear to other countries offering assistance that it alone considers itself in charge of the question and that any country wishing to take action should defer in the matter to Sweden. If Sweden is truly interested in solving the Raoul Wallenberg case it must be willing to shed its reluctance to examine in depth issues of its complicated past and it must make use of all the means at its disposal.

For one, it will have to rigorously pursue the very concrete research results of the past ten years. Without such a commitment any current efforts amount to little more than window dressing. The central role of the Swedish Foreign Office is of course to define and protect national interests. In the Wallenberg case this currently poses an inherent, possibly insurmountable conflict of interest. Political will is essential, on all sides of the problem. Other countries will have to provide serious assistance, meaning finally allowing access to records which remain Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur. Aside from Russia, the U.

Whether or not the Wallenberg case can be solved despite of or independently of these problems remains to be seen. Raoul Wallenberg certainly deserves that we try. His case was never just about the fate of one man—it is about the rights of millions of people like him who got lost in the wheels of a totalitarian system without a voice.

The question of how we balance the rights of individuals with the interests of the state remains as current today as Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur ever was. For this debate alone historic truth is critical and a democratic society has to vigorously insist on full disclosure. One can only hope that this will be one of the lasting legacies of this case.

Danielsson was, among other things, for many years in charge Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur the Wallenberg case. Businessman Marcus Wallenberg blamed his brother Jacob for a secret share deal with Nazi Germany which almost brought Allied sanctions down on their banking and industrial empire after World War Two, the biography of Marcus Wallenberg shows. Marcus, who died in aged 82, is credited in the biography with visionary enterprise in expanding and consolidating the Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur banking and "Trygghet viktigt vid lagkonjunktur" dynasty which is now in its fifth generation.

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